Indie news (April 12) – Heart Forth, Alicia / PixlCross

Today’s Indie news:

  • Heart Forth, Alicia
  • 80’s Overdrive
  • PixlCross
  • Mega Win Casino Slots
  • Booty Diver

Heart Forth, Alicia

Heart Forth AliciaYesterday, the developers of Heart Forth, Alicia posted another updated on Kickstarter. In this one, they talk about what they’ve been doing in the past few weeks: polish some earlier areas of the game, but also the final two dungeons of the game. They also put the finishing touches to the biggest and most content-rich cutscene, and more.

Talking of that particular cutscene, it required “over 25 unique character animations, over 17 characters on-screen, 7 rendered screen-size special effects such as thunders, explosions & lighting effects, a big animated hot-air balloon, a minute-long pre-rendered flashback cutscene, two epic fight sequences, and even some character deaths (keen viewers will remember one from the Kickstarter trailer)”.

You can get much more details by checking out the Kickstarter update: click here!

80’s Overdrive

Yesterday, NintendOn published an interview with Rafal Kamnitz, developer of 80’s Overdrive. It covers various topics, such as why he decided to create a retro racing game, his opinion on moder mainstream racing game, whether he wants to please both hardcore and “casual” players, what games inspired him to create 80’s Overdrive, why he chose the 3DS for it, and more. Click here to read the interview!

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Yesterday, the developers of PixlCross held an AMA session on Reddit, in which they talked about the update coming soon to the game in North America, and the European release.

The update will include the following fixes:

  • option to turn down the auto scroll speed, including turning it off altogether
  • button controls
  • ability to play puzzles on the TV
  • loading times improvements
  • ability to turn off error detection

The AMA covers various other topics, such as why they chose to release the game on Wii U, if they ever considered adding special abilities (like in Pokémon Picross), and more. Click here to check it out!

Mega Win Casino Slots

Mega Win Casion SlotsYesterday, RCMADIAX announced their next game: Mega Win Casino Slots (on Wii U), coming out in June in Europe and North America. Our Upcoming Releases page has been updated with that game.

Booty Diver

Here’s the latest trailer for Booty Diver:

And here’s some details about the game, and the Wii U version. First, a list of features:

  • 3 Difficulty modes (Easy, Normal, and Hard)
  • Retro inspired graphics
  • Chip tune soundtrack (each level has its own unique track)
  • 25 levels along with 5 boss battles (30 levels in total)

Right now, the game is 85-90% complete. However, there’s a problem regarding the Wii U version: due to some family issues, the developer will not be able to pay for keeping the development kit until development is complete, so they will have to send it back to Nintendo. Right now, the only way for the Wii U version to be released is if:

  1. The PC release allows the developer to earn enough money to be able to afford a Wii U dev. kit
  2. Someone is willing to help him port the game

You can find more details on the official website of the developer!



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