Inazuma Walker Vol. 05 – Inazuma Eleven: Outer Code Episode 4, livestream recap

Update: the latest episode of Inazuma Walker is now available! Click here to check it out, alongside the latest episode of Inazuma Eleven: Outer Code!


Today, Level-5 livestreamed the latest episode of Inazuma Walker, its webshow entirely dedicated to the Inazuma Eleven series (and more precisely Inazuma Eleven Ares). This time around, the theme of the episode was “僕は神様じゃない” (“Boku wa Kamisamajanai”; lit. “I am not a God”). Not much was shown compared to the previous episode, though we did get a new episode of Inazuma Eleven: Outer Code series.

And let’s start right away with that! Here’s Inazuma Eleven: Outer Code Episode 4:

The first segment was the usual segment where they discuss memories of the series shared fans. This time around, the theme was “Inazuma Eleven Aru Aru!” or “Things That Always Happen in Inazuma Eleven”. So the examples includes the frequent turnarounds during matches, or the absolutely crazy hairdos of most characters (which are definitely not suited for playing football/soccer!).

The theme for the next episode of Inazuma Walker is… up to fans to decide! They have to come up with a title and a description for the theme, and then post it via the official website.

The second corner was brand new. It’s called The Inazuma Best Hits, and saw the arrival of two special guests: the two members of pugcat’s, the group that sings the new theme songs for the Inazuma Eleven series (including the ending of Inazuma Walker!).

For the first episode, the cast and pugcat’s shared their favorite Inazuma Eleven song:

  • Moocha-san – “Tsunagari-yo” (opening song for Inazuma Eleven 2 (game), 3rd opening song for the Inazuma Eleven anime)
  • Akihiro Hino – “Raimei! Blue Train!”  (opening song for Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone – Thunderflash (game))
  • pugcat’s – “Teppen Dash”

And for the next episode, fans are invited to vote for their favourite Inazuma Eleven song. It can be pretty much any song at all: the openings / endings of the games or the anime series, but also the movies, etc. Pretty much all songs are ok. Fans have until June 16th to vote via the official website.

During the third segment, fans were invited to vote for the new design of the penguins for that special attack, in Inazuma Eleven Ares. And it’s the third design that won the popularity vote!

The 4th segment was the usual Anime audio commentary, with the special guest this time being Yuko Sanpei, Aphrodi’s VA. The episode they commented together was Episode 26, “Clash! God VS Devil!!”.

And finally came the segment everyone was waiting: the one for Inazuma Eleven: Outer Code! You will find the episode above.

Here’s the usual “Three points”, points of interest about the episode:

  • Point 1) Aphrodi’s self-reflection
  • Point 2): Mysterious old woman
  • Point 3): “Kami” (God)

They also showed pictures of Aphrodi’s look throughout the series, including Inazuma Eleven Ares.

Finally, as an extra, they showed some more gameplay footage for Inazuma Eleven: Everyday++, and announced its release date: June (price: 800 Yen).

It was also announced that during the next episode of Inazuma Walker, they would give a special present for viewers: an additional character voice, that you can use as an alarm.

The next episode of Inazuma Walker will be streamed live on June 30th, at 9PM (one hour later than today’s episode). The theme for the new episode of Inazuma Eleven: Outer Code to be shown there is “K’s Table”.

Finally, here’s the full recording of Inazuma Walker Vol. 5:



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