Girl’s Mode 3 – KiraKira Code: lots of new screenshots

Girl’s Mode 3: KiraKira Code is the third entry in the Style Savvy / Nintendo Presents: Style Boutique series, and it comes out “tomorrow” in Japan (it’s already available on the Nintendo eShop). Earlier this afternoon, published their review of the game, and it comes with lots of brand new screenshots for the game.

That being said, the screenshots may be new, but they don’t show anything new. After all, pretty much everything was already showned via Famitsu articles or the official website, and until we get an announcement for Europe and/or North America, there isn’t anything really new to say about the game. If you need more info about Girl’s Mode 3: KiraKira Code, you can click here to read all of previous posts about it!

Here’s the new screenshots for Girl’s Mode 3 – KiraKira Code:

Girls Mode 3: KiraKira Code (3DS) comes out today/tomorrow (April 16th) in Japan. Nintendo has made no announcement regarding a European and/or North American release.




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