Gal☆Gun 2 announced for the Nintendo Switch, PQube to publish in the west

Update: PQube have announced that they would publish Gal☆Gun 2 in Europe and North America for Inti Creates, just like they did for the previous game. The release will be in Q1 2018 (presumably at the same time as Japan)!


Inti Creates is definitely one of the strongest supporters of the Nintendo Switch, with several games already released and still more on the way. If you thought that Dragon Marked for Death was the only game the company currently had in the works for the Nintendo Switch, you were wrong: the company is also bringing Gal☆Gun 2, which was announced earlier today.

For those who of you who have never heard of Gal☆Gun, here’s how Inti Creates themselves introduce it:

The “Gal*Gun” games are unique shooting games where you control a protagonist who has become popular beyond control. He must fend off approaching girls with his Pheromone Shot in order to find love with his destined partner before it’s too late.

The series first appeared back in 2011, and has already received three entries (that’s right, Gal☆Gun 2 is actually the 4th game in the series), with over 200 000 units sold worldwide.

According to Inti Creates, the developers thought it was time for the series to “make the leap”, with new characters and mechanics (but still the same silly and irreverent style). Since it represents a big step forward to the series, it warrants that “2” in the title.

As explained above, the Gal☆Gun series revolves around an “unlucky” young man, who suddenly becomes popular with girls… as in, supernaturally so. He wants to find his one, true love, but with all the girls at the academy after him like a pack of starved wolves, it’s not going to be an easy task. What’s more, he can only rely on a rather unique weapon, the Pheromone Shot, to fend of his “enemies”.

Here’s some of the important characters in the game:

  • Risu: a demon-hunting angel in a really tough spot
  • Chiru: a total shut(in
  • Nanako: childhood friend and classmate

In Gal☆Gun 2, you take on the requests from girls at school (said girls at the target of a demon’s mischeif, but are not aware of that), while managing your schedule efficiently. Earning demon-busting points allows you to unlock new missions and story scenes with the heroines.

The game features a unique gadget called “Demon Sweeper”, it allows you to separate demons from the girls they’re possessing, and then suck them up for bonus points… though demons don’t seem to be the only thing you can suck up with that fancy gadget of yours!

Finally, Inti Creates reveals that the infamous Doki Doki Mode will be back in Gal☆Gun 2, with more details coming at a later date.

Here’s the first pictures for the game:

Gal☆Gun 2 (Switch) will be released this Winter worldwide, with more details coming soon, and a playable demo at the Tokyo Game Show this week (not the Nintendo Switch version, though). The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

Source: Inti Creates



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