Fossil Fighters Frontier: European trailer and screenshots

Nintendo hasn’t talked about it too much, but there’s a new RPG featuring Vivosaurs (which are dinosaurs, basically) coming out this Friday in Europe… Fossil Fighters Frontier! It’s the first time a game from this series is coming out in Europe, as the two titles on Nintendo DS didn’t make it (only the first one made it to the PAL region, and only in Australia).

Last week, Nintendo updated the official page for Fossil Fighters Frontier. It features various details about the game (such as fossil excavating, battles, multiplayer, and more), and you can head there to read it all.

But that’s not all: on this page, you will also find the European trailer for the game, as well as some (not quite new) screenshots for the game.

Here’s the European trailer for Fossil Fighters Frontier:

Here’s the screenshots:

Fossil Fighters Frontier (3DS) comes out on Friday in Europe.

Source: Nintendo


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