Fire Emblem Heroes Ver. 3.6.0: all you need to know (Weapon Refinery, Aether Raids adjustments)

A new month means a new Software update for Fire Emblem Heroes! The one for June will bring the game to Ver. 3.6.0, but unfortunately, we know very little about it. The developers did share the usual pre-release notice with details about the update, but it only covers the usual Weapon Refinery… nothing is said about any other additional features and improvements.

But as expected, we got details about the contents of the update during the latest Feh Channel presentation. Make sure to check out this post for the full recap!

This post will be updated as soon as we have more details, and the patch notes will be added to this page when they’re available.

Fire Emblem Heroes Ver. 3.6.0 – Weapon Refinery Update

This new update will add the following character-specific weapon skills, learnable at 5 ★:

  • Loyal Greatlance (Oscar: Agile Horseman)
  • Saizo’s Star (Saizo: Angry Ninja)
  • Kagero’s Dart (Kagero: Honorable Ninja)

Of course, you will be able to upgrade those weapon skills in the Weapon Refinery once you have learned them.

Also, the following weapon will be upgradeable:

  • Amiti (Elincia: Lost Princess)

Fire Emblem Heroes Ver. 3.6.0 – Aether Raids

With this update, the developers are making some adjustments to Aether Raids maps:

Abandonned Castle

  • The wall in the second column from the left will be breakable
  • The wall in the third column from the left will be breakable


  • The wall in the first column from the left will be breakable

Spring Breeze

  • The wall in the first column from the right will be breakable

Due to those changes,:

  • battles suspended in Ver. 3.5.1 will not be available anymore after updating to Ver. 3.6.0
  • players in Ver. 3.5.1 will not be able to attack players in Ver. 3.6.0, and if they are attacked by players in Ver. 3.6.0, they will not be able to view replays of those defensive battles
  • players in Ver. 3.6.0 will be not be able to view defensive battle replays from Ver. 3.5.1

Fire Emblem Heroes Ver. 3.6.0 – Aether Raids

For plenty of additional details about this new update, make sure to check out the notice on the official website!

As usual, keep an eye on the Events and Content Updates and Characters page to keep up to date with all that’s happening in Fire Emblem Heroes!

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