Fire Emblem Heroes: new Summoning Focus, Fallen Heroes (Special Heroes)

Fire Emblem Heroes Fallen Heroes

If you’ve checked the latest Events Calendar for Fire Emblem Heroes, you already know that a new Summoning Focus is going live on February 22nd, and that it will bring new Heroes. Today,  it was finally revealed: it’s called Fallen Heroes, and it actually includes some Special Heroes! But not just an alt. version of existing Heroes… an evil one! They will be available until March 9th.

Here’s the 3 evil Heroes included in this new Summoning Focus for Fire Emblem Heroes:

  • (Male) Robin, the Fell Reincarnation. Voiced by David Vincent. Artist: Okuma Yugo;
  • Hardin, the Dark Emperor. Voiced by Richard Epcar. Artist: Daisuke Izuka;
  • Celica, the Imprisoned Soul. Voiced by Eric Lindbeck. Artist: Fujiwara Akira.

Here’s the trailer introducing this new Summoning Focus and Special Heroes (English and Japanese version):

Alongside this Summoning Focus, a new Story Chapter will go live, called “Blood and Snow”. It’s part of the main storyline of Book II, which means those Special, Evil Heroes are actually part of the Fire Emblem Heroes “canon”. This certainly seems to imply this is just the first set of Evil Heroes!

But that’s not all: a new set of Daily Log-in Bonuses will also go live at the same time, on February 22nd. As usual, more details will be shared via the Events and Content Updates page as soon as they’re available (when it all goes live). Don’t forget to check the Characters page for more details about the various Heroes!

Source: Nintendo



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