Fire Emblem Heroes: Event Calendar for February and March

Fire Emblem Heroes V2

Today, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems shared the latest event calendar for Fire Emblem Heroes. It details the various events and content updates planned for the game in February and March. As always, you can find all the details about each event on the usual Events and Content Updates page, but if you’re just looking at a global overview of what’s next for Fire Emblem Heroes, you’ve come to the right place!

NB: due to DST kicking off on March 11th in North America, it’s possible some of the dates below are inacurrate. In doubt, check out the Events and Content Updates page for the most recent details about each event or content update.

Fire Emblem Heroes – Upcoming Events

  • Tempest Trials: Breath of Destiny (February 14th to February 27th)
  • Voting Gauntlet: ??? (March 2nd to March 8th)

Fire Emblem Heroes – Summoning Focus

  • Summoning Focus: New Power (February 20th to March 5th)
  • New Heroes Summoning Event (February 22nd to March 9th)
  • Legendary Hero Summoning Event (February 28th to March 5th)
  • 4 ★ and 5 ★ Heroes (March 3rd to March 16th)
  • Summonin Focus: Falchion (March 5th to March 13th)
  • New Heroes Summoning Event (March 9th to March 21st)

Fire Emblem Heroes – Maps, Hero Battles, and Bound Hero Battles

  • Special Maps: Shadow Dragon (February 15th to March 8th)
  • Bound Hero Battle: Corrin and Azura (February 16th to February 24th)
  • Grand Hero Battle: ??? (February 24th to March 8th)
  • Grand Hero Battle Revival: Arvis (March 4th to March 11th)
  • Grand Hero Battle Revival: Zephiel (March 10th to March 17th)

Fire Emblem Heroes – Quests

  • Quests: Battling with Fjorm (February 12th to February 26th)
  • Water Blessing Quests (February 27th to March 12th)
  • Three Heroes Quests (March 7th to March 20th)

Fire Emblem Heroes – Log-in Bonus

  • Tempest Trials Log-in Bonus (February 14th to February 27th)
  • New Heroes Celebration Bonus (February 22nd to March 9th)
  • Voting Gauntlet Log-in Bonus (February 26th to March 11th)
  • New Heroes Celebration Bonus (March 9th to March 21st)

Source: official website



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