Final Fantasy Explorers: details for the 12 eidolons

Final Fantasy ExplorersLast month, Square-Enix posted an infographic of the 21 jobs of Final Fantasy Explorers on Twitter. And yesterday, the company tweeted another one, introducing the 12 eidolons. They’re basically powerful monsters, that act as bosses and summons in the game. Obviously, they’re not just any monsters: they’re from the various Final Fantasy games, with the exception of two newcomers.

Here’s the details for the 12 eidolons:

  • Dryad (new): the flower-like eidolon’s attacks inflict a cornucopia of status ailments;
  • Phoenix (first appeared in Final Fantasy V): spreading its mighty wings, Phoenix unleashes a storm of fireballs to destroy explorers;
  • Bahamut (first appeared in Final Fantasy): Bahamut, the King of Dragons, is the only eidolon to appear in every game of the series;
  • Diablos (first appeared in Final Fantasy VIII): Diablos uses many attacks that manipulate space and time, especially those that control gravity;
  • Shiva (first appeared in Final Fantasy III): Shiva is the classic ice-based eidolon. Those close by risk being frozen by her aura;
  • Ifrit (first appeared in Final Fantasy III): Ifrit, the fire-based eidolon, powers into his opponents, unleashing his ultimate attack “Hellfire” on his enemies;
  • Odin (first appeared in Final Fantasy III): Odin rides into battle on his trusty steed Sleipnir, and cleaves enemies in half with his lethal “Zantetsuken” ability;
  • Leviathan (first appeared in Final Fantasy II): Leviathan, the ruler of the sea, is fought in the ocean, emerging from the waves in ambush;
  • Amaterasu (new): an entity shrouded in mystery, seven magical swords float ready for battle on its back;
  • Fenrir (first appeared in Final Fantasy II): this bestial eiodolon uses vicious melee attacks, running down its prey with charges from all directions;
  • Alexander (first appeared in Final Fantasy VI): Alexander resembles a gigantic fortress, using its massive body to create earth shaking tremors;
  • Ramuh (first appeared in Final Fantasy VIII): Ramuh, the thunder and lightning-based eidolon, uses a variety of attack pattern to confound players.

Final Fantasy Explorers (3DS) comes out on January 26th in North America, and January 29th in Europe.

Source: Square-Enix



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