[Europe] My Nintendo: two new rewards available (Picross e and Picross e 2)

my-nintendoUnlike in Japan and North America, Nintendo of Europe regularly adds new Rewards to My Nintendo in Europe. We got some a couple of days ago, and it turns out we’re getting some more today. If you’re a fan of the Picross series, but haven’t tried the Picross e sub-series yet, you’re in luck, because the new Reward are discount coupons for the first two entries!

Here’s the new My Nintendo Rewards added today to My Nintendo in Europe:

[3DS] 30% off Picross e (eShop): 150 Platinum Coins [available until September 1st]
[3DS] 30% off Picross e2 (eShop): 150 Platinum Coins [available until September 1st]

(Those two new Rewards have been added to our My Nintendo rewards page!)

Just like last time, these two new Rewards are only for Nintendo Account users from Europe. It’s not clear whether the same Rewards will also be added later down the line in North America and/or Japan. Also, it doesn’t look like new Rewards were added today in those two regions, which means it’s another Europe-only update for My Nintendo.

For some reason, Nintendo of Europe has been much more active than Nintendo of America and Nintendo Co. Ltd when it comes to new Rewards for My Nintendo!

Source: My Nintendo



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