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[Europe] Nintendo eShop line-up (Nov. 3) – Twisted Fusion / Unlucky Mage

Update 1: screenshots for Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers (Nintendo 3DS), Collide-a-Ball (Nintendo 3DS), Ice Station Z (Nintendo 3DS), Unlucky Mage (Nintendo 3DS).
Update 2: screenshots for Gravity+ (Wii U), Pinball Breakout (Wii U), Twisted Fusion (Wii U).


This week, the line-up for the Nintendo eShop in Europe is quite busy, with quite a few releases on both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. On the former, we have Gravity+ and the long-awaited Twisted Fusion, while on the latter, we have Unlucky Mage and Ice Station Z. There’s also some Virtual Console titles (F-Zero X on Wii U), some DLC (Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends), and more.

Bolded are games we recommend.
NB: the Nintendo eShop will be updated at 2PM BT / 3PM CET. Unless otherwise specified, retail releases are on Friday.

Wii U

  • Gravity+ (Nitrolic Games): €6.49/£5.89 [web eShop page] [10 Gold Coins]
  • Twisted Fusion (Leuvsion): €5.00/£4.00 [web eShop page] [10 Gold Coins]

Wii U Virtual Console

  • F-ZERO X (Nintendo, Nintendo 64): €9.99/£8.99 [web eShop page] [10 Gold Coins]

Nintendo 3DS

  • Unlucky Mage (KEMCO): €9.99/£8.99 [web eShop page] [10 Gold Coins]
  • SEGA 3D Classics Collection (SEGA): €29.99/£24.99 [web eShop page] [30 Gold Coins]

New Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console

  • Mario’s Super Picross (Nintendo, SNES): €7.99/£7.19 [web eShop page] [10 Gold Coins]


Gravity+ (Nitrolic Games, Wii U)

  • Level Editor (€3.99/£3.59)

Hyrule Warriors (Nintendo, Wii U)

Hyrule Warriors Legends (Nintendo, Nintendo 3DS)

Ongoing Sales

Click here!

New sales

Ending on November 10th

[Wii U] Gear Gauntlet (Crystalline Green): €4.99/£3.99 (normally €9.99/£7.99) [10 Gold Coins]

Ending on November 17th

[Wii U] Frankenstein – Master of Death (Joindots): €6.39/£4.79 (normally €7.99/£5.99) [10 Gold Coins]
[Wii U] Joe’s Diner (Joindots): €6.39/£4.79 (normally €7.99/£5.99) [10 Gold Coins]
[Wii U] Suspension Railroad Simulator (Joindots): €6.39/£4.79 (normally €7.99/£5.99) [10 Gold Coins]
[3DS] Funfair Party Games (Joindots): €5.59/£3.99 (€6.99/£4.99) [10 Gold Coins]
[3DS] Jewel Match 3 (Joindots): €5.59/£3.99 (normally €6.99/£4.99) [10 Gold Coins]
[3DS] Pazuru (Joindots): €4.79/£3.19 (normally €5.99/£3.99) [10 Gold Coins]

Ending on November 30th

[Wii U] 360 Breakout (nuGAME): €5.00/£4.50 (normally €7.00/£6.00) [10 Gold Coins]

Source: Nintendo eShop PR


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