[Europe] Nintendo 3DS Themes of the week (May 13th)

This week, several new Nintendo 3DS Themes were released in Europe, despite Nintendo not mentioning them in the weekly Nintendo eShop press release. There’s the three Pokémon themes that came out yesterday in North America, but also those for Shovel Knight (announced a couple of weeks ago by Yacht Club Games).

NB: the line-up below also includes themes released in the past couple of weeks, and which we missed due to Nintendo not mentioning them in the weekly Nintendo eShop PR. The good news is, since all those themes are already available in Japan and/or North America, we have a preview video and screenshots for all of them!

Here’s the line-up for the Nintendo 3DS Theme Shop this week in Europe.

  • Shovel Knight Campfire Dream (Yacht Club Games): £1.79 / €1,99
  • Star Fox Zero: Space Battle (Nintendo): £1.79 / €1,99

  • Plague Knight’s Theme: £1.79 / €1,99

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  • Pokémon: Here Comes Ash-Greninja! (Nintendo): £1.79 / €1,99

  • Pokémon Red & Blue (Nintendo): £1.79 / €1,99

  • Pokémon Radiant Collection (Nintendo / The Pokémon Company): £1.79 / €1,99

  • Hatsune Miku: Sakura MIKUDAYO Theme (SEGA): £1.59 / €1,79
  • Hatsune Miku: Letter Set Theme (SEGA): £1.59 / €1,79

Here’s a preview screenshot for each theme:

The Nintendo eShop has already been updated in Europe!

Source: Nintendo 3DS Theme Shop



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