Etrian Odyssey V: more details, scans (job changes, facilities, Titles and Master Skills)

Etrian Odyssey V was featured in the past couple of issues of Famitsu magazine, and as announced on Tuesday, it’s also featured in this week’s. This time around, we got some details about job changes, the various facilities to be found in Aiolis/Aeolis, and the Titles and Master Skills of 5 of the classes.

Etrian Odyssey V

Class changes and Facilities

Just like in previous Etrian Odyssey games, Etrian Odyssey V lets you change the class of a character. However, there are some restrictions, and the first one is pretty simple… you need to fulfill certain conditions. Also, your character will lose 5 levels, so make sure to keep that in mind before making any change. The advantage of changing the class of a character is that their appearance and parameters will stay the same.

Famitsu also gives details about some of the facilities to be found in Aiolis/Aeolis (the city found at the foot of the World Tree):

  • Jenetta’s inn: you can heal, save, and leave items behind. Also, Jenetta (voiced by Sakura Nakamura) can take care of any cow or chicken found inside the labyrinth;
  • Twilight Pavillion: that’s where you go for quest. The place is managed by a witch called Melina (Akemi Okamura).

Titles and Master Skills

As mentioned in several posts in the past few weeks, a character can become a Master by fulfilling certain conditions. After that, you can chose one of two Titles for them, and each one comes with its own sets of Master Skills.

Here’s the Titles and Master Skills for 5 of the classes of Etrian Odyssey V:


  • Golden Dragon Knight (strengthens your guard)
  1. Soul Guard (Lowers the amount of physical damage received by all characters on one line, and allows them to survive Instant Death attacks;
  2. Full Guard (Lowers the amount of damage received by all characters.
  • Heavy Fire Dragon Knight (strengtens your artillery)
  1. Bazooka Canon (deals ranged crush damage and Fire Elemental damage on 1 enemy (the closer the character is to the target, the more damage the attack will deal)
  2. Rapid Canon (after using it, the first attack you use during that turn will deal ranged Crush damage)

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  • The Death God Spreading Death (focuses on Status/Attack changes)
  1. Cicada’s Husk (your character uses a Miasma Soldier as a substitute. Said substitue deals direct damage to 1 enemy at the end of the turn, and then your character returns to the battlefield. If it’s killed, the Reaper loses both the substitute and its attack, but does not receive damage)
  2. Death Scythe (deals direct damage to 1 enemy, and can also inflict Instant Death. You have more chances to inflict Instant Death if the enemy is asleep)
  • The Death God Keeping Death Away (focuses on Support)
  1. Weakening Miasma (lowers the physical and magical defense of all enemies for 3 turns)
  2. Foam Scythe (removes the negative status effects from 1 enemy, and then deals physical damage for as many times as effects removed. For example, if you remove 3 negative status effects, then you will deal physical damage 3 times)


  • First Beneath The Four Skies Warrior (focuses on Multiple Damage)
  1. Multi-Sword (allows you to equip several swords. You then launch a normal attack with set damage. The more swords your have equiped, the more times you will attack)
  2. Flood of Blooming Flowers (deals direct damage to a target chosen at random. The attack is done a certain amount of times, which depends on the number of swords equiped, and the number of enemies. To be more precise, the “formula” is the following: # of equiped swords X # of enemies = number of attacks. For example, you have 2 swords equiped and 3 enemies: you will launch 6 attacks on a random target)
  • Invincible Sword Warrior (focuses on a single enemy)
  1. Three Strike Attack (deals direct damage to 1 enemy up to 3 times. Each attack has a chance of inflicting Head + Arm + Leg Bind. If one of the attacks inflict bind, you stop attacking immediately)
  2. Lightning Cut (deals direct damage and lightning damage to 1 enemy)


  • Merciful Herbalist (focuses on Healing)
  1. Area Herb (heals HP for all party members. The Herbalist can also use Cure Herb (for 1 party member) and Line Herb (for one line of allies)
  2. Lingering Scent (the last Herb Skill used will used again on all party members at the end of each turn. Lasts 5 turns)
  • Honest Poisoner (focuses on Status changes)
  1. Smoke Solid (can inflict Petrify on 1 enemy with a Smoke skill)
  2. Paralysmoke (can inflict Paralysis on 1 line of enemies, but also lowers enemies Paralysis resistance for 3 turns)

Warlock (masters all 6 types of magic)

  • Magician Mastering the Six Types
  1. Alter (if you use this skill, your character will deal ranged Crush damage to 1 enemy –with a chance to inflict Petrify– after 3 turns, at the beginning of the turn)
  2. Windstorm (deals ranged Cut damage to all enemies, with a chance of inflicting Arm Bind)
  • Ruler of Fire, Ice and Lightning (Specialises in those in three types of magic)
  1. Ice Storm (deals ranged Ice damage to all enemies)
  2. Explode (deals ranged Fire damage to all enemies)

Finally, here’s the latest scans for Etrian Odyssey V from Famitsu magazine, featuring a comic by Namori (the authour of the YuruYuri manga):

Etrian Odyssey V (3DS) comes out on August 4th in Japan.

Source: Famitsu
Scans by: Japanese Nintendo

A huge thanks to Ash for the translations!



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