eShop news (February 1): The Plane Effect / Fallen Knight

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: The Plane Effect announced for the Nintendo Switch, but also…

  • Fallen Knight
  • How to Take Off Your Mask Remastered
  • Ova Magica

The Plane Effect

PQube have announced their latest game for the Nintendo Switch: The Plane Effect, a dystopian adventure game developed by Studio Kiku and Innovina Interactive.

No release date yet, but here’s a trailer, some details, and some screenshots for the game:

It is your last day, it is time to clock out and head home.

But where is ho̷me?
And what is home?
Are you alone, Solo?

The Plane Effect puts you in the shoes of Solo, a lonely office worker on his final day at the office and it is time to return to your beautiful family. You do have a family, don’t you? You think you do. You remember having a wife and child… you’re sure of it. 

Toying with your grip of reality and distorting the balance of time and space, Solo battles adversity as he traverses the abstruse and deeply aesthetic world of The Plane Effect.

Along the dangerous path that Solo walks, you’ll be challenged with untangling impossible series’ of events, getting to grips with the intangible and using logic to overcome the increasingly illogical dystopia around you.

The Plane Effect (Switch – eShop) does not have a release date yet.

Source: PQube PR

Fallen Knight

Here’s some more details and some screenshots for Fallen Knight:

Fallen Knight is a futuristic knight’s tale that lets gamers play as a descendant of the great Lancelot in King Arthur’s tale. Players will take on the role of Lancelot the 49th in a futuristic setting, facing off against six unique enemy heroes with a dark past of their own. Lancelot must save his city from an evil organization, The Purge, that intends to reveal the ‘truth’ of what is hidden below the city. His journey will not only shine light onto the secrets hidden in the dark but also challenge what it truly means to be a knight.

Next, here’s some details and the list of key features for Galahad’s Path (a major update):

Play as Galahad, an Assassin from the Knights of the Round Table. Players will take an alternative route through the story and help Galahad save Neo Utopia from The Purge. ‘Galahad’s Path’ brings rogue-like gameplay to Fallen Knight, where players only have “one life”. If players fail, they will have to restart from the first stage so be careful!

  • Fast & Flexible Fighting Style
  • Dodge & Assassinate System
  • 3 New Stages 
  • Upgraded Enemies 
  • New Skills & Abilities
  • New Shop & Customization System
  • New Randomized Buff & Debuff System
  • Boss Rush Mode

And finally, here’s some details and the list of key features for the Boss Rush Mode:

In this new mode, Lancelot will challenge all the bosses in back-to-back battles. Your Lancelot carries over any upgrades or skills unlocked from the main story in Normal or Casual Mode (excluding the ‘Life Saving’ skill).

However, some of the challenges in the ‘Boss Rush Mode’ will limit which skills Lancelot can equip. This means players need to adapt to the situation and skill restrictions to pass each challenge.

  • Timed Attack
    • Defeat or Disarm the bosses as fast as possible and prove yourself as the greatest Knight of the Round Table.
  • Trials of Excalibur
    • Defeat or Disarm all 6 Bosses under certain conditions to unlock the Legendary Holy Sword, Excalibur in the store.
      • Handicap Trial
        • Start the boss fight with 3 HP.
      • No Blessing Trial
        • Lancelot will not have access to the Wrath of God meter during the battle. (Cannot heal or use Wrath of God)
      • Flightless Trial
        • Lancelot cannot equip Air Dash and Double Jump.

Fallen Knight (Switch – eShop) does not have a release date yet.

Source: FairPlayStudios PR

How to Take Off Your Mask Remastered

Ratalaika Games have announced their latest game for the Nintendo Switch: How to Take Off Your Mask Remastered, a fantasy Visual Novel developed by Roseverte. It will be released on February 4th in Japan, and February 5th in Europe and North America. It will cost 14.99€ / $14.99.

Here’s a trailer, some details, the list of key features, and some screenshots:

“How to Take Off Your Mask Remastered” is a cute fantasy visual novel with one love interest. One day you discover the other side of your partner you had never known. What is the truth beneath the masks?

Lilia is just an ordinary girl who works in a bakery. She spends every day happily with her childhood friend, Ronan. One day Lilia finds her body has shrunk. Moreover, she has grown cat ears and a tail?! She panics, jumps out through her room’s window, and runs towards the town. And the first person she bumps into is the city guard, Ronan. Each of them has secrets. The mask of “Big Sis” and “Luccretia Girl” she wears. The mask of “Lil Bro” and “City Guard” he wears. Which one of them will be taken off first?

  • Cute visual novel with wonderful anime / manga art.
  • Japanese voice acting.
  • Original theme song.

How to Take Off Your Mask Remastered (Switch – eShop) comes out on February 4th in Japan, and February 5th in Europe and North America.

Source: Ratalaika Games PR

Ova Magica

The Kickstarter campaign for Ova Magica is going strong, with 109 060€ pledged as of writing. Here’s where the campaign stands:

  • 55 000€: Play with your Bloobs [reached]
  • 70 000€: Additional Blob World [reached]
  • 85 000€: Clover Town Museum [reached]
  • 100 000€: Pool Area & Swimsuit Outfits [reached]
  • 115 000€: Expand your House
  • 130 000€: ???
  • 150 000€: Free Reward: Blob Encyclopedia

Also, the latest Kickstarter update is now live: click here to check it out!

Ova Magica (Switch – eShop) does not have a release date yet.

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