Dragalia Lost: more details about Void Battles

At the end of the month, a new type of Event Quests will go live in Dragalia Lost: Void Battles, where you can battle powerful boss enemies. In the days leading to their addition to the game, the developers of Dragalia Lost are going to share details about them on a regular basis.

First, here’s a story tidbit about those Void Battles:

One day, a call for help from a neighboring city reached the Prince and his companions. Atrocious fiends were appearing, including monstrous dragons transformed by the effects of black mana, and they were wreaking all manner of havoc!

Void is the name given to a fiend that have been transformer by the effects of black mana. It’s also used to refer to dragons that have been corrupted by said black mana.

As mentioned previous, defeating boss enemies in those Event Quests allows you to earn materials that can be used either for crafting special weapons, or trading in for reards. Void Battles are available at any time, but the boss enemy appearing actually changes depending on the day of the week.


Update (February 19th)

The developers have announced that the Void Battles will go live on February 22nd, at the usual update time. Three boss enemies have been revealed:

  • Wandering Shroom (Light), Required Might: 9,000

As if its Disperse ability wasn’t enough, its area-of-effect attack applies the paralysis affliction. That’s a fierce one-two punch!

  • Steel Golem (Flame), Required Might: 10,000

This powerful enemy harries its opposition with the Dull abilities, which greatly decreases strength.

  • Void Zephyr (Wind), Required Might: 12,000

Zephyr has been corrupted by black mana, and attacks using the Dull Ability and the Dragon-delay Ability. The dragon-delay ability greatly reduces the dragon gauge!

Update (February 20th)

Defeating boss enemies allows you to earn special materials, that can then be used to craft weapons with powerful abilities. For example, there’s a series of Bane abilities that increase damage against certain types of enemies.

  • Wandering Shroom: materials obtained by defeating it can be used to craft weapons with the Thaumian’s Bane ability (you can also get abilities to help you defeat other boss enemies by enhancing them);
  • Steel Golem: materials obtained by defeating it can be used to craft weapons with the Physian’s Bana ability (which grant the Dull Res ability when enhanced);
  • Void Zephyr: materials obtained by defeating it can be used to craft weapon with the Skill Prep +X% ability.

But if you don’t feel like crafting, no problem: the materials an also be traded for various items at the Treasure Trade. This allows you to get items suh as the Magma Slime Statue facility (boosts the stats of flame-attuned adventurers), or the Bronze Fafnir dragon (boosts adventurer EXP)

Important note: you need to have cleared Ch. 7 / 5-6 (Normal) of the main story in order to tackle Void Battles, so make sure you reach that part in the story before they go live!

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