Dragalia Lost – Story Event #1: Valentine’s Confections

On February 14th, the 1st Story Event for Dragalia Lost will go live. It’s called Valentine’s Confections, and it runs from February 14th to February 22nd (rewards can be redeemed until March 1st). While it’s live, you will be able to get event items by clearing main-story quests and various events. Those can then be used to check out limited-time stories for the various characters.

Dragalia Lost – Story Event#1: Valentine’s Confections – Details

Here’s what this event is all about:

Happy Valentine’s! The season for sharing your feelings with someone important to you is finally here. Just what can you do on this lovey-dovey holiday? You can fight an array of fiends to collect items to create special memories with characters from the Halidom! But which will you choose? The especially strict priestess? The man with love to spare? Although, you never know who else may make an appearance!

Here’s how it works: by clearing main-story quests and various events, you can get event items. You can then use those very items to unlock special Valentine’s stories. In order to get those very items, you need to have done the following:

  • clear Ch. 2 / 2-1 (Normal), The Sylvan Archer
  • view the main page for the event at least once (important: you will not get anything if you skip that step!)

Here’s the list of Event Stories:

  • Prologue: Valentine’s, Your Way
  • Story #1: Ranzal and Luca
  • Story #2: Elisanne and Cleo
  • Story #3: Ezelith (available from February 17th)
  • Story #4: Orion (available from February 17th)
  • Story #5: Hildegarde (available from February 20th)
  • Story #6: Prometheus (available from Febraury 20th)

And here’s the event-specific wyrmprint you can get by completing the event:

  • [5 ★] The Petal Queen (Artist: Eri Yanagawa)

Finally, here’s the list of rewards for this event:

Dragalia Lost – Story Events – How to play

Here’s how this type of event is played:

1. Collect event items

While the event is running, all quests allows you to get the event item. The amount you get depends on the quest, and the more stamina required for a quest, the more event items you get as reward.

2. Unlock event stories

Using the event item, you can unlock event stories. There’s some for multiple characters, and they’re added over time during the event. If you reach every story to the end, then you get an event-specific wyrmprint (see above for more details).

3. Get event-specific Treasure Trade items

You can use the event item in the Treasure Trade section on the event page, in order to get upgrade items and treasure items (Twinkling Sand, Champion’s Testaments, etc.). But not all the rewards are available right away: you need to clear event stories to unlock most of them.

4. Clear event-specific Endeavors to earn rewards

There’s two sets of Endeavors to clear: Daily and Special. Check out this page for more details about them!

Dragalia Lost – Story Event#1: Valentine’s Confections – Notices

Notice 1 (February 20th)

Here’s some tips to help you find some of the time-limited rare enemies:

  • Valentine’s Slime: more likely to appear in the Beginner and Standard difficulties of recurring event quests
  • Choco Golem: more likely to appear in the Expert and Master difficulties of recurring event quests
  • Rare enemies may also appear in campaign chapters

Finally, some notes about the event:

1. Players must have completed up to Chapter 2 / 2-1 (Normal) of the main story to participate in event quests.
2. Players must have completed up to Chapter 2 / 2-1 (Normal) of the main story in order to participate in Co-op Play.
3. The event schedule and content may change without warning.

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