Daily news (September 11, Round 5): The Survivalists / Georifters

Today’s Daily news: latest set of screenshots for The Survivalists, but also…

  • Georifters
  • Her Majesty’s Ship
  • Tool Assisted Speedrun

The Survivalists

Here’s the list of key features for The Survivalists, along with some more screenshots:

  • Play together and survive: Up to four players can join forces to explore the world of The Survivalists, helping each other out to stay alive
  • Get crafty and be inventive: Various items great and small can be crafted, from weapons to tools and buildings to keep your crew sheltered
  • Automate with monkeys: Enlist the help of monkeys for a number of tasks, including protecting your group and gathering resources
  • Curiosity is rewarded: Players are encouraged to explore their surroundings, where they’ll encounter dangerous wildlife, mythical enemies, and tantalising secrets.

The Survivalists (Switch) comes out on October 9th worldwide, with the retail release coming on October 29th in Japan.

Source: Team17 PR


Busy Toaster Games have shared details for 4 of the playable characters in Georifters:


She’s a fiery redhead from Sweet Spot who doesn’t take “no” for an answer. Or “yes” for that matter. She kind of does her own thing. Using her dual bubble gum cannons Candy can blast out rapid streams of hot pink bubble gum that sticks to things that she can then pull in towards her. Some people might call Candy a bubble gum freak, but some people might also find themselves suddenly stuck to walls and ceilings.


Chief BonBon, Sweet Spot’s first chocolate based firefighter. The results of fighting fire with chocolate have been somewhat mixed, but Chief remains a beloved and reliable resident of Sweet Spot. His primary equipment is his Chocolate Hydrator, a special device that collects his chocolate sweat for later use to put out fires (don’t ask us) which can also be used for wicked fast terrain flipping.

Mighty B

He’s a freestyling MC from Musictown who keeps the beats beating, keeps the rhymes rhyming, and who doesn’t stop the party for anyone or anything.The gigantic portable subwoofer he carries on his back is the real deal. He uses it to blast out powerful acoustic vibrations that radically alters everything in front of him. If anything blocks his way, Mighty B will unleash a seismic whirlwind of multichromatic vibrations that will send those bad vibes flying somewhere else.


She’s an artist. You wouldn’t understand. Her spray pack is her paintbrush and Paintville, her home Bubble World, is her canvas. We know that she likes to paint and not much else. What is also known about Lex is that the giant spray pack she carries around is capable of delivering a powerful explosion of multichromatic paint that creates its own spiraling color vortex that pushes everything violently downward. Let’s just say you don’t want to be in front of Lex when this happens.

Here’s a video for each character:

Georifters (Switch) comes out on September 18th worldwide, with retail release following on October 2nd in South East Asia.

Source: Leoful PR

Her Majesty’s Ship

Here’s some more details and the list of key features for Her Majesty’s Ship:

Her Majesty’s Ship, a game that allows you to manage a military sailing ship and participate in 18th century naval battles, is debuting on Nintendo Switch. In Her Majesty’s Ship, the player takes on the role of an ambitious officer, whose good service in the British Royal Navy can even lead to achieving the rank of Admiral of the Fleet.

The player becomes a British navy captain, who must both take care of the ship and crew, and carry out the command’s orders. In the main story mode, the goal is to achieve your dream rank: Admiral of the Fleet. The creators focused on clear 2.5D graphics full of bright colours. The game itself is played in real time, which requires focus and quick reactions.

As Rafał Jelonek stresses out, this strategic/economic British navy ship simulator offers a unique approach to the subject. In Her Majesty’s Ship key importance is placed on – apart from naval battles – managing the crew’s morale and skills, as well as all matters related to the ship’s supplies and condition.

  • career in the navy;
  • warship management;
  • exciting naval battles;
  • extensive story mode;
  • 18th century setting.

Her Majesty’s Ship (Switch – eShop) comes out on September 15th in Europe and North America.

Source: Ultimate Games PR

Tool Assisted Speedrun

Here’s the latest Tool Assisted Speedrun video for Nintendo platforms:

  • E.V.O.: Search for Eden (SNES) by FatRatKnight in 40:31.17


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