Daily news (January 7): Poison Control / Akiba’s Trip: First Memory

Today’s Daily news: latest trailer for Poison Control, but also…

  • Akiba’s Trip: First Memory
  • A Ressha de Ikou: Hajimaru Kankou Keikaku
  • Arcade Archives Rod Land
  • Charge Kid
  • Monster Rancher 2

Poison Control

NIS America have shared the latest trailer for Poison Control, showcasing its gameplay:

The latest trailer for Poison Control showcases the battle system and other gameplay elements. The player character and Poisonette, two souls within a single body, take turns controlling the body to purify Belle’s Hells by encircling poison mires, shooting poison bullets at enemies, and earning stickers upon successful purges to receive passage to Heaven. Getting close to Poisonette through bonding moments may even change the outcome of the story.

Also, NIS America have launched a giveaway, with 1 Limited Edition of the game and three copies of the standard edition to win. Click here to check it out (runs until January 13th)!

Finally, here’s one lone screenshot:

Poison Control (Switch) comes out on April 13th in North America, April 16th in Europe, and April 20th in Oceania.

Source: NIS America PR

Akiba’s Trip: First Memory

Acquire have announced their latest game for the Nintendo Switch: Akiba’s Trip: First Memory, a remaster of the first Akiba’s Trip game (which celebrates its 10th Anniversary). It will be released on May 20th in Japan, and two editions will be available:

  • Regular (retail, digital): 4 800 Yen + taxes
  • 10th Anniversary Edition (retail): 7 980 Yen + taxes
    • Special Box (B5 size)
    • AKIBA’S 10 YEARS OF MEMORY Artbook (40 pages, full colour)
    • AKIBA’S TRIP Official Complete Guide Reprint Edition (132 pages)
    • AKIBA’S TRIP 1st Complete Soundtracks. (2CD, 40 tracks)

Here’s a trailer and some pictures:

Akiba’s Trip: First Memory (Switch) comes out on May 20th in Japan.

Source: 4Gamer

A Ressha de Ikou: Hajimaru Kankou Keikaku

Artdink have announced that A Ressha de Ikou: Hajimaru Kankou Keikaku will be released on March 12th in Japan, and will come with a soundtrack CD (with 18 tracks). The game will feature character illustration by Yuji Himukai (of Etrian Odyssey fame).

Here’s the latest set of pictures for the game:

A Ressha de Ikou: Hajimaru Kankou Keikaku (Switch) comes out on March 12th in Japan.

Source: Nintendo / 4Gamer

Arcade Archives Rod Land

Here’s the recording of the latest Famitsu livestream, showcasing Arcade Archives Rod Land (now available worldwide) and Arcade Archives Shanghai III:

Charge Kid

Here’s the launch trailer for Charge Kid (now available in Europe and North America):

Monster Rancher 2

Here’s the latest video for Monster Rancher 2:

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