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Daily Briefs (Nov. 3) – LEGO Marvel 2 / Miitopia / Yo-kai Watch: The Movie on Disney XD

Today’s Daily Briefs: LEGO Marvel 2 “leaked” via the SAG-AFTRA, but also…

  • Miitopia
  • Yo-kai Watch: The Movie
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • Mega Man

LEGO Marvel 2

A few days ago, the SAG-AFTRA (biggest union of voice actors and stunt performers) began a strike, in order to get better compensation from publishers for its members. It published a list of projects said members are not allowed to work on, and what’s interesting about that list is that it includes unannounced titles. Some of them are only referred by their code names, but we do have proper titles for some of them.

On tha list, one “LEGO Marvel 2” can be found. No platform is mentioned, but obviously, there’s no doubt one or more Nintendo platforms will get it.

Via: Warp Zones
Thanks Phazon for the heads up!


Here’s a subtitled version of the second preview for Miitopia:

Miitopia (3DS) will be released on December 8th in Japan. There will be a special Nintendo Direct presentation dedicated to that game on Saturday (November 5th).

Yo-kai Watch: The Movie

Last month, the first Yo-kai Watch movie got a limited theatrical release in the United States. If you missed it, or if you want to see it again, here’s some good news: you will soon be able to (re-)watch it from the comfort of your home. According to a list on zap2it, Disney XD will broadcast the movie next week, at the following times:

yw-movieUnfortunately, we don’t know if and when there will be a home release for that movie, or when it will be released/broadcast in other countries.

Nintendo 3DS

Here’s the first two of Nintendo’s Christmas commercials for 2016, focusing on the Nintendo 3DS:



And here’s a commercial for Mario Party: Star Rush, focusing on the amiibo:


Mega Man

Yesterday, a listing for some 66 Action Mega Man mini-figures were spotted on Tokyo Otaku Mode by Rockman Corner. We don’t have pictures of the figures themselves just yet, and all we know is that those are articulated 2.6” mini figures, sold in a blind box (which costs $8.99).

Here’s details about the mini figures:

Series: Mega Man
Product Line: 66 Action
Manufacturer: Bandai Shokugan
Specifications: 1 random painted and articulated mini figure
Height (approx.): 2.6″

  • Mega Man (with Energy Tank)
  • Mega Man from Mega Man Legends (with Servot, aka Kobun)
  • Mega Man X (with effect parts)
  • Mega Man from Mega Man Battle Network (with optional sword part)
  • Red Mega Man (with Rush)


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