Monster Hunter XX: Brave Style video, footage, pics, confirmed monsters/fields

Today, Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) was showcased during the latest episode of Capcom TV. While nothing new was revealed, we did get to see some new gameplay footage for the game, but also a special video for the Brave Style (for more details about that new Hunting Style, check out this post!).

Let’s start with that video:

Next, here’s the two segments with gameplay footage:

  • in the first one, the various guests and hosts go hunt the Yian Kut-Ku:

  • in the second one, they go find the Barufaruku, one of the two new Main Monsters (but just like last time, they cut right when the battle begins… Capcom clearly doesn’t want us to see it in battle just yet!):

But that’s not all: Capcom also updated the official website for the game, providing us with more pictures and footage. Unfortunately, there’s nothing really new in there: the website showcases the monsters, Hunting Styles, fields, etc. already seen in the debut trailer or featured in Famitsu magazine this week.

As far as monsters go, we have:

  • Ouma Diablos (main monster)
  • Barufaruku (main monster)
  • Glavenus (main monster)
  • Astalos (main monster)
  • Mizutsune (main monster)
  • Gammoth (main monster)
  • Diablos
  • Barioth
  • Barroth

The 6 Hunting Styles are:

  • Brave Style (new)
  • Alchemy Style (new)
  • Guild Style
  • Striker Style
  • Aerial Style
  • Adept Style

The known areas so far are:

  • the new base (located on some zeppelins)
  • a new field called The Ruined Ridge
  • a returning field called Desert (from Monster Hunter 2)

Here’s plenty of screencaps from the official website, but also some gameplay clips:

Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) (3DS) comes out on March 18th in Japan.


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