Rocket League: more details about the Tournament update (Switch optimisations, network indicators)

Earlier this week, Psyonix shared some more details about the big Tournament update for Rocket League, which will be released on April 3rd.

First, here’s the four new indicators to be added, that will help you find out what’s wrong with the internet connection (and whether or not the problem is from your end):

  • Server Health: When the server itself is experiencing issues, like eating up too much memory
  • Packet Loss: Data being transferred between you and the server is lost
  • Latency Variance: When your ping isn’t holding steady, typically fluctuating 40ms-60ms
  • High Latency: Commonly known as “lag,” usually indicated by a high ping to the server

They also shared details about the optimisations coming to the Nintendo Switch version of the game, starting with the resolution:


  • Current Target: 1024×576
  • Tournaments Update: 1280×720


  • Current Target: 1280×720 (720p)
  • Tournaments Update: 1664×936 (900p)

With this update, the developers are adding a new Video Quality Graphics option, allowing you to choose between the followin options:

  • Performance: 60fps, with dynamic resolution
  • Quality: 30fps cap, with extra graphical features (Lens Flares, Light Shafts, Dynamic Shadows, Depth of Field)


Finally, here’s some screenshots for the update:

As usual, you can find more details about the various Software updates for Rocket League on this page!

Source: Psyonix / Psyonix



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