Daily Briefs (Aug. 14): Octopath Traveler / My Hero One’s Justice

Today’s Daily Briefs: Famitsu questionaire for Octopath Traveler, but also…

  • My Hero One’s Justice
  • Terranigma
  • NBA 2K19
  • The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth
  • My Little Riding Champion

Octopath Traveler

In an upcoming issue of Famitsu magazine (to be released on September 6th), Octopath Traveler is getting a special feature. And for this very feature, the magazine is asking fans outside Japan to fill up a questionaire: you can click here to check it out! You have until August 20th 11.59PM JST / 4.59PM CEST / 3.59PM BST / 10.59AM ET / 7.59AM PT to fill it. Your answers could end up selected, and featured in Famitsu magazine!

My Hero One’s Justice

Here’s the latest video clip for My Hero One’s Justice:

My Hero One’s Justice (Switch) comes out on August 23rd in Japan, and October 26th in Europe and North America.


Yesterday, Shmuplations shared their latest translation: a collection of interviews about Terranigma, one of the most unique RPGs of the SNES. Here’s the people featured in the interviews:

  • Tomoyoshi Miyazaki – Director
  • Reiko Takebayashi – Scenario Writer (Dialogue)
  • Masaya Hashimoto – Quintet Producer
  • Shinji Futami – Enix Producer
  • Yuji Horii
  • Kamui Fujiwara – Art Director, Character Designer

In these three interviews, several collaborators discuss their work on the cult 1995 action-RPG Terranigma, Quintet’s final Super Famicom title and the last game in a spiritual trilogy that includes Soul Blazer and Illusion of Gaia. Over the course of these discussions, Quintet explains their attraction to the action-RPG format and outlines their efforts to encapsulate and evolve the signature points of their previous works.

Click here to check out those interview!

NBA 2K19

Here’s the latest player showcase picture for NBA 2K19:

NBA 2K19 (Switch) comes out on September 11th worldwide.

Source: Blake Griffin (Twitter)

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth

Yesterday, Tyrone Rodriguez shared a very short video clip for The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth, and more precisely the Afterbirth+ Booster Pack:

My Little Riding Champion

Today, Bigben Interactive announced another game for the Nintendo Switch: My Little Riding Champion (a horse riding game). Here’s all you need to know about it:

For horse lovers, riding is more than a sport, it’s a way of life. Bonding with your animal, the joy of caring for it and the return of trust and appreciation, the sense of freedom and the intensity of competition make horse riding a unique discipline.

My Little Riding Champion is dedicated to the many horse lovers out there and offers the ability to play as their own character, manage and train their horse, explore a vast open world together and take part in many competitions.

  • Many different horses to choose from
  • True horse management, from daily care to emotional bonding
  • A large number of customization options
  • An open world encouraging to be explored during many long rides
  • Many competitions and rewards

My Little Riding Champion (Switch) does not have a release date yet. The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

Source: Bigben Interactive


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