Daily Briefs (April 8) – Nintendo 64 / Kirby accessories/goodies

Today’s Daily Briefs:

  • Nintendo 64
  • Shin Megami Tensei IV Final
  • Shovel Knight
  • Monster Hunter X / Generations
  • Hyrule Warriors Legends
  • Kirby goodies/accessories
  • Fire Emblem 0
  • Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympics
  • Circle Ent. [Update!]
  • Minecraft [Update!]

Kirby Planet RobobotNintendo 64

When the Nintendo 64 came out, in 1996 in Japan, it was already late (it was supposed to come out in 1995). But it could have been delayed even further, all because of Martin Hollis (Director of Goldeneye007). In a statement sent to NintendoLife, he explained the following:

I wrote a piece of code which displayed spinning icosahedrons; as many as possible until the framerate dropped below 60Hz. The head of the project at SGI was not too pleased to discover what the performance of the machine was in terms of triangles per second. He asked to see my code in the hope it was inefficient. It wasn’t. He later told me that SGI very nearly did another spin of the hardware to fix the issue, which was with the memory interface.

You can read the full story by clicking here!

Kirby goodies/accessories

Here’s some pictures of Kirby: Planet Robobot clear stand figures that will launch in May in Japan:

And here’s pictures of the accessories launching in June in Japan:

Source: Inside-Games (1 / 2)

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Shin Megami Tensei IV Final

Here’s the second trailer for the Shin Megamii Tensei IV Final DLC:

Shovel Knight

Here’s the packaging of the Shovel Knight (3DS) + Shovel Knight amiibo, launching on June 30th in Japan:

Source: Amazon.co.jp

Monster Hunter X / Generations

Here’s some screenshots for the latest Event Quest for Monster Hunter X / Generations, available tomorrow and next week in Japan:

Source: 4Gamer.net

Hyrule Warriors Legends

Click here to check out Nintendo’s personality quiz for Hyrule Warriors Legends, in order to find out which character you are!

Fire Emblem 0

Here’s the latest card from the 4th series of Fire Emblem 0 cards (which launched last month in Japan):

Source: Intelligent Systems

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympics

Here’s another gameplay video for Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympics:

Circle Ent.

Today, Circle Ent. made two “announcements” on Twitter:

  • ConveniDream (a “simulation” game in which you have to manage a convenience store) was about to be sent to lotcheck at Nintendo America. The game should be released in mid-May if everything goes well;
  • Puzzle Labyrinth is also about to be sent to lotcheck at Nintendo America, with more details coming soon.


We already knew that Minecraft on Wii U would get a retail release down the line, but we didn’t know when exactly. Today, the official Twitter account for Minecraft announced that this release would come “soon”… unfortunately, we don’t know what “soon” means, and if Europe is also getting it “soon”.


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