Culdcept Revolt Direct: DLC, exhibition match, 3DS Theme + screens, OST samples

Culdcept RevoltToday, Nintendo streamed a second Nintendo Direct presentation for Culdcept Revolt, which comes out next month in Japan. During that Nintendo Direct, several announcements were made, and here’s a quick rundown:

  • Culdcept Revolt will get some DLC. There will be sets including Book Cover + Avatar + Dice, sold 300 Yen each. There will also be additional maps, avatars, and book covers available;
  • there will be another online event for the Culdcept Revolt: Star Dash Ver.. It will take place on June 25th from:
  1. Japan: 10AM to 1PM / 7PM to 10PM
  2. Europe: 3AM to 6AM / 12PM to 3PM
  3. UK: 2AM to 5AM / 11AM to 2PM
  4. North America (EST): 9PM (June 24th) to 12AM (June 25th) / 6AM to 9AM (June 25th)
  5. North America (PST): 6PM to 9PM (June 24th) / 3AM to 6AM (June 25th)
  • on July 6th, there will be an exhibition match with 4 Japanese publications:
  1. Famitsu
  2. Dengeki Nintendo
  3. Nintendo Dream

It will be streamed live on NicoNico.

  • on July 7th, Nintendo will release a Culdcept Revolt theme for the Nintendo 3DS, which will cost 200 Yen. You can find a preview screenshot below!
  • also on July 7th, Nintendo Dream will release an official book for Culdcept Revolt, featuring descriptions for over 400 cards from the game, various artworks, and more.
  • a Book Cover (Soltice, in-game item) will be added to My Nintendo on July 7th, and will remain available until August 31st. It will cost 50 Platinum Coins. It will be added to our My Nintendo rewards page momentarily!

Here’s the official recording of the second Culcept Revolt Direct:

Next, head after the break for some screenshots and soundtrack samples!

Here’s the two soundtrack samples Nintendo has shared on Twitter. The first one is the main theme, and the second one is the Battle music. Both tracks were composed by Kenji Itou.

Finally, here’s plenty of screenshots of the game (and the cards themselves), from Nintendo:

Culdcept Revolt (3DS) comes out on July 7th in Japan.

Source: Nintendo



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