Cuddly Forest Friends – Mini-Game Trailers

Cuddly Forest Friends is a mini-game collection featuring cute little critters, from Nippon Columbia. Aksys Games are bringing to Europe and North America early next month (on February 2nd to be precise).

Ahead of that release, Aksys Games are sharing various short trailers for Cuddly Forest Friends, showcasing the +10 mini-games featured in the game. And in this post, you will find all the trailers in one place! Naturally, it will be updated as soon as new trailers are shared, so keep checking back!

Here’s the trailers available as of writing:

January 30th

  • Find and Feast

Find and Feast – Find the food and avoid the trash! Sift through items and find the delicious apples! The fastest one wins!

January 24th

  • Fruit Fight

Fruit Fight – Pick up a fruit that matches the fruit that is currently shown on the sign in the background! User must rapidly press the A button after picking up the correct fruit to win points.

  • Insta-Snowball Fight

Insta-Snowball Fight – Collect the Acorns by shooting the targets with the snowballs. There are different amounts of acorns on each target. Be the first to get the most acorns per round!

  • River Rush

River Rush – Be the first one down the river! Dodge the obstacles along the way and beat your opponents to the finish!

About Cuddly Forest Friends

Cuddly Forest Friends is a heartwarming simulation game in which you care for nine little furry friends in the forest and help them reach their full potential.

In order to help the Tree of Happiness in the forest grow and reach its fullest potential, you must collect Happy Feelings. Happy Feelings are obtained by feeding and interacting with the little animals in the forest – and keeping them safe. The Tree has many levels to grow and playing mini-games or making food will increase your Happy Feelings and help the Tree grow. Fulfilling requests from the little guys makes them happy which also gives you HF points. Join the little furry friends and indulge in various daily activities so that the Tree of Happiness reaches maximum “happiness”.

Care for these little friends each day: Rabbit, Squirrel, Mouse, Degu, Hamster, Porcupine, Flying Squirrel, Capybara, and a Beaver.

Decorate the forest or create accessories to wear with items you gather. Make food and feed the group. Test your skills at mini games which will help you increase your HF points.

  • Play mini-games as one of the furry friends – find out which animals are the best at which game.
  • Over 20+ mini games – Fishing, Racing, Matching and Rhythmic games are just a few to increase Happy Feelings!
  • 9 different animals living in the forest are your new BFFs!

Cuddly Forest Friends (Switch) comes out on February 2nd in Europe and North America.

Source: Nintendo


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