Cruis’n Blast to launch this September, latest trailer

First announced during the Nintendo Direct presentation at E3 2021, Cruis’n Blast is the latest entry in the Cruis’n series. First released on Arcade a few years ago, it’s now headed to Nintendo Switch on September 14th in Europe and North America. Quite interestingly, Nintendo are not involved in this release at all (beyond the licencing of the Cruis’n IP to Raw Thrills): it’s GameMill Entertainment that will publish the game.

The game will feature no less than 29 tracks, and 6 tours. Players can expect typical 90’s arcade racer fare with various locations around the world. Naturally, those are filled with elements to spice things up like alien invasions, dinosaurs, police chases, and more.

Here’s the latest trailer for the game, showcasing some of the tracks you will get to race along in Cruis’n Blast:

Raw Thrills showcases select tracks from arcade favorite Cruis’n Blast for Nintendo Switch in their latest video! This new gameplay trailer highlights some of the game’s 29 thrilling tracks across 6 tours, including Space Attack, Dino Janeiro, Mountain Mayhem, British Invasion and Twister Terror, featuring alien invasions, prehistoric dinosaurs, mountain rallies, police chases, dangerous weather and so much more.

And here’s some more details for the game:

Cruis’n makes its triumphant return to consoles with Cruis’n Blast! The iconic racing series hasn’t seen a new console entry for more than a decade, but the 2017 arcade smash hit Cruis’n Blast is finally bringing the series back home on Nintendo Switch! Cruis’n Blast features 4-player local network or multiplayer split-screen and 23 larger-than-life vehicles – from licensed supercars to unicorns.

Cruis’n Blast (Switch) comes out on September 14th in Europe and North America.

Source: Raw Thrills PR



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