Comic Workshop 2: trailer, EU/NA release date, official website

Last week, the Miiverse community for Comic Workshop and Painting Workshop was finally updated. This means that budding artists can now post their creations directly on Miiverse, which wasn’t possible before. Jeremy from Collavier explained that the developers found the solution while developing Comic Workshop 2 (released back in February in Japan).

Talking of Comic Workshop 2, Collavier announced today that it would come out on June 18th in both Europe and North America. If you already own Comic Workshop, you will even be able to get a special discount at launch. Here’s the prices:

– Europe (regular): 7.99€
– Europe (upgrade): 4.79€
– UK (regular): 7.19£
– UK (upgrade): 4.29£
– North America (regular): 9.99$
– North America (upgrade): 5.99$

Now, you might be wondering “What’s new?”, and that’s what the official website is for! There, you will find lots (technical) details about the Software, including what’s new, what has been changed, and more. One thing’s confirmed: you will be able to post your creations to Miiverse at launch (using the same system as Comic Workshop and Painting Workshop).

Here’s the trailer for Comic Workshop:

Finally, here’s some screencaps from the official website:

Comic Workshop 2 (3DS eShop) comes out on June 18th in Europe and North America.



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