Comic / Painting Workshop: update for Miiverse sharing coming on May 14th, explanation

Back in February, Jeremy from Collavier posted a message on Miiverse, announcing that screenshots sharing would come soon to Comic / Painting workshop. This will be possible thanks to a Software update, that will be released on May 14th. In an interview with NintendoLife, that same Jeremy talked a bit about the whole issue.

For starters, Jeremy reminds us that users were never supposed to be able to post screenshots on Miiverse. Collavier was expecting them to use the Workshop Gallery (a dedicated and separate website, where users can post their Comic / Painting Workshop creations), which is quite popular among Japanese users.

The reason why screenshots were not meant to be posted on Miiverse is because of the Picture tool, allowing people to use any picture from the SD Card in the Nintendo 3DS. Such pictures can’t be posted on Miiverse, and only verified users (Nintendo developers, for example) can do so.

With the May 14th update, a new option will appear: they’ll let users chose between using the My Picture tool, or being able to post screenshots on Miiverse. When you create a new folder in the software, the choice made will be permanent for all the pages inside. And unfortunately, content created before the update won’t get Miiverse screenshots, as there is no way to check if it was actually created after or before the update.

Collavier actually found the solution to this problem while developing Comic Workshop 2 (which came out in February in Japan). Jeremy himself asked if an update was possible, and his request was approved. Unfortunately, only the European and North American version will be patched, and Collavier cannot confirm that Miiverse screenshots won’t be disabled again in the future (if someone find a way to bypass the restriction).

Source: NintendoLife


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