Bravely Second: overview video for the jobs, commercial

Today, Square-Enix uploaded several videos for Bravely Second: End Layer, including an overview video for the various jobs. In total, there’s over 30 different jobs (including the Bishop and Fencer ones, revealed yesterday in Jump magazine), which should delight fans of RPGs who like to try out lots of different things with the battle system.

Here’s the list of jobs showcases in this overview video:

– Freelancer
– White Mage
– Black Mage
– Knight
– Tomahawk (new)
– Wizard (new)
– Monk
– Thief
– Merchant
– Time Mage
– Exorcist (new)
– Chariot (new)
– Hunter
– Valkyrie
– Summoner
– Red Mage
– Guardian (new)
– Cat Master (new)
– Pirate
– Performer
– Ninja
– Swordmaster
– Astrologer (new)
– Pâtissier (new)

Here’s the overview video for the jobs:

The other two videos are a 30 second and 15 second of the very first TV commercial:

But that’s not all… here’s the tracklist for the High-Red Data disc included in the Limited Edition:

Bravely Second CDAnd finally, here’s a photo of the download card for the Bravely Second: End Layer theme for the 3DS (one of the first-print bonuses):

Bravely Second theme card

As mentionned by Tomoya Asano on the official Twitter account, it now includes 10 tracks instead of 5-6. Their format is WAV (96kHz, 24bit) or MP3 (44.1kHz, 128kb/s).

Bravely Second: End Layer (3DS) comes out on April 26th in Japan.

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