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Nikki’s Travel Quizz: info, images and release date

Nikki’s Travel Quizz is one of the new rewards for the Japanese Club Nintendo, announced a few weeks ago by Nintendo. To get it, players will need to spend 80 points, and it doesn’t look like Nintendo is planning to release the game on the Nintendo eShop (at least, for the time being).

But until today, we didn’t know anything about it… not even its release date! This changed earlier today, when Nintendo launched the official website for the game, which will be available for download on April 21st in Japan. The website allows us to get some actual information about the game, and even some screenshots and artworks.

In this game, players will get to travel across Japan along with Nikki, Neko-kun the cat and Panda-kun the panda. As the name implies, it’s a quizz game, with over 5000 questions about Japan and its various prefectures. Each prefecture got its own set of questions (100), which means players will be able to see how knowledgeable they are about them.

Of course, the trusty Nikki will be the one asking the various questions, and apparently, you’ll be able to chat a bit with her and the two side- characters (Neko-kun and Panda-kun). What’s more, Panda-kun will give you hints: he’ll erase one of the incorrect answers when you ask him.

The game has two modes (and a little bonus):

– Travel Quiz: you travel across Japan, and answer questions about each prefecture. When you give the right answer to a certain amount of questions, you will get a souvenir. What’s more, Nikki wears a different costume in each prefecture: you will also be able to use those in the second game mode once you’ve unlocked them.

– Free mode: you can chose whichever prefecture you want, and pick up questions freely. If you’ve unlocked costumes for Nikki, you will be able to use them in this mode. If you give the correct answer to a certain amount of questions, you will get medals as a reward.

– Nikki’s travel diary

Here’s some screenshots and artworks of the game, from the official website:

Nikki’s Travel Quizz (3DS eShop, Club Nintendo) comes out on April 21st in Japan. Unfortunately, a western release of this game is extremely unlikely.


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