Bound by Blades (boss-rush-style adventure): latest trailer, Switch release slated for 2023

Developed by Zeth and published by Assemble Entertainment, Bound by Blades is a cozy, boss-rush-styled adventure. It will be released on Nintendo Switch sometime next year in Europe and North America.

Here’s the latest trailer for the game:

In the newest trailer, solo developer Zeth narrates Bound By Blades’ emphasis on challenging combat, crafting, and co-op. Envisioned as a simple, casual version of a boss-rush experience with a focus on fun, Bound by Blades features satisfying and challenging boss fights coupled with a gorgeous, digitally-drawn world and imaginative characters.

Bound by Blades is an action RPG which puts strong emphasis on boss rush-style battles. In this game, you get to journey through the realm of Ashmyr in order to battle foes, collect loot, craft new gear, and more. The game can also be played in two player co-op.

Here’s some details, the list of key features, and some screenshots:

Bound by Blades is an action-RPG where intense boss rush-style battles take a front and centre seat. Journey through the realm of Ashmyr, confront ferocious foes, collect loot, and craft new epic gear to fortify yourself for the challenges ahead. This “simple to learn, hard to master” RPG features optional two-player co-op for optimal combat strategizing. After all, slaying monsters is more fun together! 

In the slay-and-conquer style of Monster Hunter and Eldest Souls, players defeat powerful enemies, harvest their loot, and use these materials to craft better and stronger equipment. However, Bound by Blades revamps this formula in a way that makes it more approachable and for the casual player. The story of Bound by Blades is set in a high fantasy world where players can choose from three different characters, each featuring their own unique playstyle. Master the game’s unique combat system, battle the evil forces of the Ilcyon and save the land of Ashmry from certain doom. 

War for supremacy raged on for generations between the different tribes of Ashmyr. Until one day, an ancient force was unleashed that shook the world and granted those nearby immense power. But this power came at a high cost. It took their minds and corrupted their bodies, leaving only a ruthless fiend in their place. They became known as the Ilcyon, slaughtering armies and obliterating towns as they ravaged the lands, leaving Ashmyr in peril.

Until a new path to hope was formed by a lone warrior. He united the tribes for the sake of survival against the Ilcyon and began a new order, The Bound. Only those proven through years of harsh training were initiated.

  • Slay, Loot & Craft
    • Defeat 10 unique Ilcyon bosses and their vicious Extreme mode variants, collect their loot and craft awesome equipment
    • Build your own playstyle by unlocking mighty item-set bonuses and receive powerful new alterations to your abilities
    • Powerful enchants grant additional buffs and enhancements to your gear
  • Epic Indie Boss Rush Experience
    • The fun and thrilling combat will keep you on your toes, as the encounters get tougher with each defeated foe
    • Simple to learn, hard to master: In order to overcome the toughest Ilcyon you must memorize their attack patterns and time your parries, blocks and combos right
    • Stuck at a boss? Simply change the settings on the go and select from 3 different difficulties
    • Slaying monsters is more fun together! Invite your friends to join you in the 2 player co-op
  • Upgrade your Character
    • Select from 3 different characters, each with individual attacks and combos
    • Craft 10 unique sets of armor as well as 10 unique weapons
    • Level up your attributes and customize the looks of your character through the transmog system
    • Collect pets, send them on missions to fetch crafting materials or level them up and evolve to support you during combat
  • High Replayability
    • Take on the Tower and each of its challenging levels for great rewards
    • Battle through the Endless Dungeon to become the best of the Bound
    • Aim for the best ranks and beat your score in each boss fight
  • Beast Tamer: Slay colossal monsters through perilous combat, and learn their manoeuvres in order to survive the battles and come out ahead. Harvest their remains and utilize them to craft a sweet new set of gear!
  • Intuitive Controls and Unique Combat: Bound By Blades is designed for players of all skill levels, allowing any adventurer to embark on this challenging journey. Employ a variety of manoeuvres like Quick and Strong Attacks, Combos, and Unique Combo Finishers, and enjoy over 30 craftable sets of armour and 30 unique weapons. 
  • Sit, Stay, Quest!: Enlist the help of pets as your reliable companions to handle your fetch quests or join your side in battle. Feed them to become more powerful and use special items found on your quest to help them evolve.
  • The Challenge is Yours: Stuck on a boss, despite memorizing their unique attack pattern? Simply change the settings on the go and select from three different difficulties. Remember, each encounter increases in difficulty with each defeated foe!
  • Choose your Fighter: There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” playstyle in Bound by Blades. Acknowledging this, select and swap between the game’s three main characters, each with their own unique battle styles and gear: Teo the Kuza cat, Guren the Fangorian bunny, and Kotathe Oxbourne ox.

Bound by Blades (Switch – eShop) does not have a release date yet, but is slated for a 2023 release in Europe and North America.

Source: Assemble Entertainment PR


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