Blaster Master Zero: new update (Ver. 1.2) and DLC detailed (+ Gunvolt footage)

Yesterday, Inti Creates shared some details about the latest update for Blaster Master Zero (already available on Nintendo Switch, and releasing later today on Nintendo 3DS). It adds new gameplay modes, but also some new DLC characters (available for free during the first two weeks).

Here’s a trailer:

The new update brings the game to Ver. 1.2, and adds the following two modes:

  • Destroyer: a new super difficulty “hard mode”, only available once you’ve cleared the game. In this mode, you need to make use of your entire arsenal in order to defeat the enemies, which have all been powered up. You also need to make the right call at every turn, because one simple mistake could spell trouble for you.

In the Destroyer Mode, you need to choose the right gun level to kill enemies, otherwise you won’t deal any damage at all… you cannot simply stick with the highest level available to you and call it a day. What’s more, the Energy Guard item has absolutely no effect in that mode! Same for Life Up items, who simply do not work either.

You also need to be careful: when enemies are destroyed on side view maps, they unleash bullets (that fly in your direction). Going through those levels all gun blazing will most likely result in an untimely death for you.

The developers also took the opportunity to change the placement of items throughout each area, and that includes those you get from defeating mid-bosses. Finally, one last (minor) change: in this mode, Jason and SOPHIA III’s colours are different.

  • EX Character Mode: a new mode where you can play as a different character. Those DLC characters are not just skins: they also play completely differently than Jason, and they have their own set of abilities and weapons.

The new DLC characters will be released on a regular basis, and they will be free for 2 weeks following their release (after that, you will have to pay $1.99 / 1.99€ to get them).

Here’s the schedule:

  • EX Character: Gunvolt (from Azure Striker Gunvolt) – May 4th (free until May 17th): he can use the septimal power of electricity, which allows you to take control of his Flashfield and Prevasion abilities;

  • EX Character: Ekoro (from Gal*Gun) – June 1st (free until June 14th): you can use her Desert Angle guns and various other angelic weapons to show those pesky mutants than the power of love is stronger than anything.

Inti Creates specifies that more DLC characters are on the way, and just like Gunvolt / Ekoro, they will be free for two weeks following their release.

But there’s more than the update and the DLC: the demo version for Blaster Master Zero is also releasing today on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS (as of writing, the demo is only available in Japan, but playable in English).

It gives you access to two levels: the Forest Area (Area 1) and the Industrial Area (Area 3). On Nintendo Switch, you will even be able to play with a friend via local multiplayer.

Finally, here’s some screenshots for the Blaster Master Zero DLC and demo:


Source: Inti Creates


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