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We just replaced the translation of the details for the two characters with the official translation.

***Azure Striker Gunvolt 2Today, Inti Creates shared some additional details and screenshots for Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, focusing on Joule and Lola. But first, a little tidbit about the story: the new formidable enemy Gunvolt (and Copen) have to face is Eden, a multinational union of adepts (people with psychic powers).

Next, here’s the details about Joule and Lola:

  • Joule (voiced by Megu Sakuragawa): Joule exists completely in the form of a spirit residing inside Gunvolt’s body. She once existed as a young Adept girl, but upon her untimely death, her spirit was released from her physical body and now exists only in that form. Once a very shy girl, she has become much bolder since the events of the previous game, in some ways becoming more like her former alter ego, the virtual pop star Lumen. Her septimal power is The Muse, which enables her to fully synchronize with Gunvolt and increase his abilities through the power of her singing. In her previous form as Lumen, she had a more adult-like appearance, but after a certain incident, she lost a large amount of her power and her appearance changed into a more child-like form.
  • Lola (voiced by Yurika Endo): Lola is an Autonomous Combat Pod (ACP) designed to regulate the control of Copen’s personal array of combat drones, also known as bits. Because of this, she thinks of herself as kind of Copen’s official guardian, for better or for worse. During her AI development period, she would often serve as a conversational partner for Copen’s little sister. Through this, she picked up the habit of referring to Copen as “Boss.” At a certain point in the story, she gains the abilities of The Muse, just like Joule.

Lola guides Copen during missions, but she also protects him thanks to Flash Shield. It’s a barrier that blocks projectile-based attacks automatically, when her energy is full. Thanks to the EX Weapon Mirroring system, she can duplicate the EX weapons of adepts Copen defeats in battle.

Once she’s done so, she can use them at will, freely switching from one to the other at any time. Unfortunately, there’s a catch: using EX weapons requires some energy, and so the Flash Shield is disabled temporarily after that.

Here’s some of the EX Weapons to be found in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2:

  • Wide Circuit: creates numerous circuit-like lasers, firing straight ahead in a wide field. If you’re targeting an enemy is targeted, the lasers focuses, and do even more damage;
  • Spark Stellar: RoRo’s extensions create a formation that fires several electric bolts straight ahead;
  • Tail Banker: A powerful drill attack that hits foes multiple times.

Finally, here’s the screenshots and artworks:

Azure Striker Gunvolt (3DS) comes out this Summer, worldwide.

Source: 4Gamer.net / Inti Create
Translations by Midor, for GoNintendo


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