Attack on Titan 2 releasing on November 30th in Japan, more details

A few months ago, Spike-Chunsoft announced Attack on Titan 2 ~Mirai no Zahyou~, a “sequel” to Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains (that was released a few weeks after the end of the first season of the anime series). As mentioned when the game was announced, Attack on Titan 2 follows the story of the second season of the anime, that ended a few months ago already.

The marketing catchphrase for the game is “Collect allies. Build a wall. And Destroy!”, which is a reference to the main themes of the game. Because besides the story mode (which is pretty straightforward: you play a bunch of missions loosely following the events of the second season of the Attack on Titan anime series), there’s also a game mode called “World Mode”.

In this mode, you get to create your very own characters, which then becomes a member of the Survey Corps. Just like the first game on Nintendo 3DS, you can play with friends in multiplayer, including online (with up to 4 players). The game is said to feature improved communication feature for multiplayer, but Spike-Chunsoft has shared many details about that yet.

You also get to build your base, that obviously needs to have defense. There’s some missions where the base is under attack from Titans, and if your defense is not top-notch, you will end up at the bottom of their stomach!

A quick note about the Story Mode: just like in Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains, you get to play with several characters (Eren, Mikasa), not just one.

Spike-Chunsoft announced yesterday that Attack on Titan 2 ~Mirai no Zahyou~ will be released on November 30th in Japan. We can expect more details about the various game modes to be shared by then, but in the mean time, here’s some screenshots:

And here’s some screencaps from the official website:

Attack on Titan 2 ~Mirai no Zahyou~ (3DS) comes out on November 30th in Japan. The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

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