Astro Bears releasing this July in Europe and North America

First announced back in February, Astro Bears is a “sequel” to Astro Bears Party. It features plenty of improvements, but also new Bears, new planets, new game modes, and more. It will be released on July 19th, in order to celebrate Space Exploration Day (on July 20th). It will cost 6.99€ / $6.99, but if you already own the original game, you will get it for free!

Here’s a trailer, some details, and the list of key features:

Four new Bears join the fun, each with its own unique playstyle, giving players eight total Bears to play with. Experience even more chaotic gameplay with infinite or finite Magical Beary Ribbons and planets ranging from small to huge. Jetfish Hunting can now be played with two in co-op mode, and global leaderboards have been added. New themes, music and gameplay improvements enrich the lively Astro Bears experience.

Competitive Mode is a new 1v1 tournament play option to support the growing Astro Bears esports community. In this Best of 5 format, players choose 3 different Bears and select the one that best fits a randomized environment. Play continues in rounds to 10 points, at which point the next random environment appears. The winner is the player who wins with all three Astro Bears in this grizzly quest for victory!

  • 8 cute Bears with different play styles,
  • Local multiplayer for 2-4 players,
  • Competitive mode for challenge-seeking players,
  • Jetfish Hunting with single- and 2-player co-op mode,
  • ‘80s-inspired soundtrack.

Astro Bears (Switch – eShop) comes out on July 19th in Europe and North America. The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

Source: SONKA PR



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