A-Train 3D: City Simulator coming out mid-April in Europe and North America

A few weeks ago, Natsume announced that A-Train: City Simulator would come out in April in North America. No month was given for Europe, but the publisher confirmed that the European release would follow soon after the North American one. Looks like everything worked in the end, as the game will come out in Europe barely two days after North America!

Last week, Natsume announced that A-Train: City Simulator would come out on:

– April 14th in North America;
– April 16th in Europe and Australia.

If you’ve never heard of A-Train: City Simulator, here’s how we described it last month:

In this game (developed by Artdink), you have to build and manage the transportation system of a city. For example, you need to create buildings to support bus routes and subway services, export services to make money, build aiports and more. Of course, you need to do all that while keeping in mind the needs of the people living in your city (by avoiding bottlenecks). That’s why you need to find the right balance and not waste your allocated budget.

As you progress through the game, you can upgrade the technology powering your transporation system, moving from steam-powered train to electric ones for example. The game also comes with a map editor, allowing you to come up with you very own scenarios.

A-Train: City Simulator (3DS eShop) comes out on April 14th in North America and April 16th in Europe.

Source: Natsume PR


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