7th Dragon III: code VFD demo available in NA, unlocks rewards in full game

7th Dragon IIIIn just two weeks, 7th Dragon III code:VFD will be released in North America (on July 12th). If you’ve never heard of the series before, there’s a good reason: it’s the first entry ever to be localised. Therefore, if you’re not quite sure this is a game for you, you should definitely head to the Nintendo eShop right now in order to download the demo version!

In this demo, you get to play with a pre-made group of adventurers, who can only go up to Level 10 (of course, that level cap is only for the demo). Once you’re done with the demo, and the game is released, you can transfer your save data and get some bonuses.

First of all, you can refund all the skill points you got during the demo. Also, you can customise the characters from the pre-made group of adventurers however you want. That includes their appearance, but also their classes, their names, and more.

Finally, SEGA confirms that you will be able to get some bonuses if you transfer your save data from the demo to the full game… but doesn’t say what the rewards consist in.

Here’s the bonuses players could get with the Japanese version of the game (they will most likely be the same in the English version):

  • EX Upper: an item you can equip in order to increase the amount of XP you get by x1.2
  • Skill Upper: an item you can equip in order to increase the amount of Skill Points you get by x1.2
  • Nagamimi amulet/charm: an item you can equip in order to increase your Attack, Speed and Evasion rate
  • 10 000 Az (in-game currency), which is bound to prove helpful at the beginning of the game

7th Dragon III code:VFD (3DS) comes out on July 12th in North America. No European release has been announced so far.

Source: SEGA PR


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