Fire Emblem news (Jan. 12): Fire Emblem Music Collection: Piano CD / Leo manga

Fire Emblem Music Collection: Piano

Fire Emblem Music Collection: Piano ~Faith & Engagement~

Last month, we learned that a new music CD for Fire Emblem would be released in February in Japan. Called Fire Emblem Music Collection: Piano ~Faith & Engagement~, it features piano arrangement of various music tracks from the series.

If you’re wondering what those arrangements sound like, you’re in luck: Symphony No. 5 uploaded a preview video on YouTube, with excerpts for all 16 tracks from the album. That way, you can see hear for yourself what you can expect with this piano arrange album!

Here’s the preview video:

The album will cost 3 200 Yen, and will be released on February 22nd in Japan. If you’re interested, you can pre-order it on CD Japan right now [NB: affiliate link].

Here’s the tracklist (translated by Oscar):

  1. Battle Map 1 – Player Attack Phase (from Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light)
  2. The Path to You (from Fates)
  3. Distant Utopia (from The Binding Blade)
  4. Victory is Near (from Path of Radiance)
  5. World Map – Chapter 3 (Liberation Battle – Each Road) (from Gaiden)
  6. Encounter (from Gaiden)
  7. Father’s Back (from Path of Radiance)
  8. Seliph’s Theme / Thoughts Going Around (from Genealogy of the Holy War)
  9. Leif’s Army, In Search of Victory – Leif (from Thracia 766)
  10. Id (Serenity) (from Awakening)
  11. Legend of the Divine Dragon (A) (fom Mystery of the Emblem)
  12. Child of Chaos (from Radiant Dawn)
  13. Don’t Speak her Name! (from Awakening)
  14. Alight (from Fates)
  15. Ascent (from Radiant Dawn)
  16. Lost in Thoughts All Alone (from Fates)

Thanks Oscar for the heads up!

Fire Emblem if: Nibelung no Houkan (manga)

Also last month, we learned that a new Fire Emblem manga called Fire Emblem if: Nibelung no Houkan (lit. Fire Emblem Fates: The Crown of Nibelung), would begin serialisation in the next issue of Monthly Comic Zero Sum (releasing on January 28th). It will focus on Leo from Fire Emblem Fates (you can find more details in this post), and Yugyouji Tama is the one drawing it.

If you’re wondering what the manga will look like, here’s an ad for it:

Source: Fuujin Yumi no Mato



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