Zelda cover plates out on March 6 in the UK, available on the Nintendo UK store

If you happen to be a Zelda fan who owns a New Nintendo 3DS and lives in the UK, you’re probably wondering if the Zelda cover plates are ever coming out in your country, and when.

The answer is: yes, the plates are coming out in the UK… next week, actually! For the moment, the two cover plates are only available at the Nintendo UK Web store, and orders are limited (1 per customer). Their price is the same as other New Nintendo 3DS faceplates: 12.99£.

You can order them here:

Cover plate n° 023 (Black Triforces)
Cover plate n°024 (The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D)

Be sure to pre-order as soon as possible: quantities are bound to be limited!

Thanks Axis for the heads up!


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