Yo-kai Watch 3 to have two versions (Sushi / Tempura), out on July 16th

The latest issue of CoroCoro magazine comes out on Friday in Japan, but as usual, we can count on the usual leaks to get some details before it’s even out. While Pokémon fans are eagerly waiting for the first details for Pokémon Sun and Moon (though it doesn’t look there’s anything noteworthy this time), Yo-kai Watch fans already have a couple of scans for Yo-kai Watch 3 to discover.

The scans below reveal that Yo-kai Watch 3 will have two versions: Sushi and Tempura. A rather amusing name, considering the game has a United States themes. After all, sushi and tempura are some of the most famous Japanese dishes, that anyone even remotely interested in Japanese culture/cuisine knows about.

The scans below also reveal that the two versions of Yo-kai Watch 3 will be released on July 16th in Japan. Since there’s been a Yo-kai Watch release in mid-July every year since 2013, this date isn’t all that surprising. We also get to see several brand new Yo-kai, and some “americanised” versions of exisiting Yo-kai (such as Tomnyan, for Jibanyan).

One Yo-kai is called Android Yamada, and belongs to the Hagure family (which will be introduced in Yo-kai Watch 3).

The retail version of Yo-kai Watch 3 will come with an exclusive medal:

  • Sushi: KK Brothers (US version of Komasan and Komajiro)
  • Tempura: Tomnyan (US version of Jibanyan)

As for the new medals, they will be compatible with:

  • Yo-kai Watch 3 (incl. New Nintendo 3DS, which seems to imply they new include NFC chips though this remains to be confirmed)
  • Yo-kai Dream Roulette
  • DX Yo-kai Watch Dream (the new watch)

Here’s the scans:

Yo-kai Watch 3 (3DS) comes out on July 16th in Japan.

Thanks Joe for the heads up!

Source: Hiroto Destroyer



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