Xenoblade Chronicles X: some details about the day/night/weather cycles and new characters

Thanks to NeoGAF user StreetsAhead, we now have proper translations for today’s Xenoblade Chronicles X official website update. Let’s start right away with the day/night system: it’s now confirmed that you can change the time of the day at a Rest Spot. As for the various weather effects, they include: Fair, Cloudy, Rain, Thunderstorm, Aurora, Rainbow, as well as some continent-specific effects like Sandstorms and Heatwaves. And as mentionned earlier, those will also have an effect on battles, not just the world.

Here’s the details about the new characters:

Lao (VA: Keiji Fujihara)

He’s one of the team leaders at B.L.A.D.E.. He’s quite the soldier, as even Elma admires his fighting strength and intuition. That being said, he’s also a real softie, and is actually quite sensitive and passionate. Douglas is a good friend of his, and they’ve known each other ever since their days in the US Military, back on Earth.

Douglas (VA: Rikiya Koyama)

He’s a member of B.L.A.D.E., as well as a very skilled soldier. His specialty is Dolls, which he pilots like no one else. He may look like a really stern person, but it’s actually very easy to make fun of him: Lyn keeps doing just that during his Doll test flights, whenever he makes mistakes. While on Earth, he was a member of the Unified Government’s Vehicle Special Ops Force (also known as the Doll Team)., and served under Elma. He’s friend with Lao, that he’s known ever since his days in the US Military, back on Earth.

Translations: StreetAhead


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