Wave Race 64: trailer and 64DREAM articles

Earlier today, Nintendo announced that the next Nintendo 64 coming to the Nintendo Switch is Wave Race 64. It will be added to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass subscription this week, on August 18th (North America) / August 19th (Europe, Japan).

Here’s a trailer showcasing this Nintendo 64 classic:

And here’s some screenshots:

Every time a new Nintendo 64 game is added to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass subscription, Nintendo share scans of articles about that game from the 64DREAM magazine (the precursor to the current Nintendo DREAM magazine). Those are official scans, but unfortunately, they’re only available in Japanese. They’re still a neat blast from the past, and especially interesting to those who are into old video game magazines!

Here’s the two articles available:

Here’s two preview pictures:

Wave Race 64 (Switch – NSO + Expansion Pass) comes out on August 18th in North America, and August 19th in Europe.

Source: Nintendo



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