Warriors Orochi 4: details, pictures and footage for the 4 new mythical Gods, pre-order bonuses revealed

Yesterday, Koei-Tecmo sent a press release to share more details about Warriors Orochi 4, and more precisely the 4 new mythical Gods (alongside Zeus), complete with some screenshots and footage. The pre-order bonuses for Europe and North America were also revealed!

Here’s the 4 new mythical Gods:


The hero of Olympus and demigod son of Zeus – hearing news that his father is meddling in the human world, decides to rise to fight alongside them


The wise and powerful goddess of wisdom – learning of Perseus’ plans descends to earth to capture him. She uses magic powers to manipulate the size of her Sacred Treasure, the shield Aegis, which she throws at her opponents to turn them to stone


The god of war – fights passionately to fulfill his own beliefs – that the gods should dominate humanity. Wielding his twin spears to transform into a vigorous dragon, Typhon unleashes a stream of fire on those unfortunate enough to cross its path


The ruler of Asgard, Odin, also joins the fray using Gungnir, a unique spear which summons magical blades to its tip to become a powerful drill that can quickly eliminate any who stand in his way.

Here’s some gameplay footage for the game, showcasing those characters and Zeus:

As for the pre-order bonuses, they are as follows:

Physical (available at select retailers)

Additional costumes for the following characters:

  • Xu Shu
  • Mitsunari Ishida
  • Da Ji
  • Wang Yuanji
  • Wang Yi
  • Lady Hayakawa
  • Xingcai
  • Guo Jia
  • Takatora Todo
  • Yoshitsugu Otani

Digital (Nintendo eShop)

  • an elusive unicorn
  • the mighty Pegasus

Finally, here’s various screenshots and artworks for the game:

Warriors Orochi 4 (Switch) comes out on September 27th in Japan, October 16th in North America, and October 19th in Europe.

Source: Koei-Tecmo PR



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