VOEZ: second update available (Ver. 1.2), adds 12 more songs for free + demo

VOEZ is a rhythm game developed by Rayark, and originally released on smart devices. It was later ported on the Nintendo Switch, where it was one of the very first indie games available on the console. Back when that port was announced, Flyhigh Works specified that new songs would be added at a later date, and would be completely free.

A first batch of songs was added on May 26th, and a second one is coming tomorrow (on August 24th). This second update will add 12 more songs (again, for free!), bringing the total of tracks available to 146… that’s quite a lot for a game that initially launched with “only” 116 tracks. It’s not clear whether this is the last batch of additional tracks, but we’re already at 30, which is pretty generous when you know those are 100% free, forever.

Here’s the list of all 12 tracks to be added with Ver. 1.2 of VOEZ:

  • They seem like blossoms yet… <Special> (Air Carrier)
  • spring snowflake flower <Hard> (masaki kawasaki)
  • Noël <Easy> (Morimori Atsushi vs. uma)
  • Valle de Los Caidos <Special> (Triodust)
  • Asian Dance <Hard> (Tatsh)
  • Liffil <Easy> (Feryquitous Feat Sennzai)
  • Graduation Song~Piece of Memory <Special> (Kitkit Lu)
  • Comanta Lebu <Hard>
  • iNSPiRED <Easy> (Shiron)
  • Fis-sure <Special> (Triodust)
  • Atropos <Hard> (LhoU)
  • Yoake o matsu kimi no uta <Eas> (TAKUII75)

Here’s a trailer and some screenshots for Ver. 1.2 of VOEZ, showcasing the 12 additional songs:

For more details about Software updates for the game, make sure to check out this post!

Finally, a demo version for the game is now available for download fro mthe Nintendo eShop in Japan. It will be released in Europe and North America on August 31st.

It features the following songs:

  • Wilt (VerseQuence (MJQ * Eri)
  • Colorful Voice (Night Keepers)
  • Kimi to mita soa no uta (TakuII75)

Check out this post for the complete list of demos currently available on the Nintendo eShop!

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