VOEZ: first update releasing on June 1st (Ver. 1.1), will add 18 new songs

VOEZ is a rhythm game developed by Rayark, and originally released on smart devices. It was later ported on the Nintendo Switch, where it was one of the very first indie games available on the console. Back when that port was announced, Flyhigh Works specified that new songs would be added at a later date, and would be completely free.

Wondering when those new songs will be available? The answer is… sooner than you might think! Flyhigh Works announced today that the very first update for VOEZ would be released on June 1st. This update will add no less than 18 new songs, bringing the total of songs to 134. And yes, those new songs will be free, the publisher didn’t have a change of mind since the initial announcement!

Here’s a trailer showcasing the 18 new songs:

And here’s the list of 18 new songs added:

  • Blue Heat Haze (the main theme of The Legend of Dark Witch, “Aoi Kagero” in Japanese. Only available in the Nintendo Switch version of the game)
  • Spring (by Rave Cyanide, RiraN)
  • WonderWing (by Sakuzyo)
  • Chandelier Garden (by Ayatsugu_Otowa)
  • SMILE GENERATION (by Tatsh feat. Oda Yuu)
  • UNiCoЯE (by Ryazan)
  • Heartless Diary (by Kyriuki)
  • Party Rave (by siqlo)
  • Frozen Emotion (by XEN)
  • Today was a bad day (by Kurose Manami)
  • Statical Improvement (by SECTION)
  • Ire (by Sakuzyo)
  • Time Travel (by Kurose Manami)
  • And More or Less (by Sakuzyo)
  • NO NIGHT MORE SOUL! (by Nekomirin)
  • Eclipse (by SIhanatsuka)
  • LabyRinth of LOVE (by Kurose Manami)
  • Lexu Cyanixs (by Sakuzyo)

The update and free DLC will be released on June 1st (most likely May 31st in North America, due to the different timezones). Unfortunately, we don’t know if the update will include other changes and/or some fixes. One thing’s for sure, though: this is but the first batch of free DLC songs for the game!

VOEZ is currently available from the Nintendo eShop of the Nintendo Switch worldwide, and is one of the few games with English language in Japan. Any additional details about the update will be posted in this post.

Source: Famitsu



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