VOEZ: over 45 000 downloads worldwide, retail version with button controls coming on January 25th (Japan)

Update: it was just announced that VOEZ would be available at retail from January 25th in Japan. Still no word on a possible western release, or an update adding the improvements and additions of the physical version to the digital one.

Also, as of today, the game has been download over 45 000 times worldwide: that’s roughly 5 000 units in a month!

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VOEZ is a pretty intense rhythm game, that was part of the launch line-up on Nintendo Switch, back in March (except in North America, where it was released one week later). We already knew that the game had been successful enough for Flyhigh Works to release more ports of Rayark games on the platform, but today, we finally got a concrete figure.

On the second day of the Tokyo Game Show, it was announced that, since launch, VOEZ had been downloaded over 40 000 times worldwide. Unfortunately, Flyhigh Works and Rayark did not provide a regional breakdown of those sales, and only specified thatthis figure is for all regions where the game was released (Japan, Europe, North America).

But that’s not the only announcement that was made at the Tokyo Game Show… Early next year, VOEZ is getting a physical release in Japan, but it won’t be just the downloadable game on a cartridge… there will also be some “extras”!

Indeed: the physical version of VOEZ is actually getting button controls, which are missing in the downloadable version. VOEZ can only be played via the touchscreen at the moment, which is why you cannot play it on the TV. But with the addition of those button controls, you will finally be able to play on the big screen!

But that’s not all… the physical version of VOEZ will also include some additional elements, though it’s not clear what exactly… probably some more extra songs! Speaking of songs, it’s basically guaranteed this retail version will include all the additional tracks released so far, so that you will not have to download them separately.

Right now, it’s not clear whether there will also be a retail release outside Japan, but even if there wasn’t, importing would be a potential option for players interested in this release (bless region-free). Also, while not confirmed at this point, it’s highly likely that the digital version of the game will also get button controls and the additional elements too, since Deemo (another rhythm game by Rayark is also getting a similar update in the near future.

VOEZ (Switch) is getting a physical release in Early 2018 in Japan. The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

Source: Gamer


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