UK: video games sales for Week 22 (ending May 30th)

Week 20 saw the release of the long-awaited Splatoon, which seems to have had a rather satisfying launch in the United Kingdom. It debuted at #3, just behind the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of The Witcher 3, which is definitely a positive result.

According to Chart-Track, Splatoon is the 5th fastest-selling game on Wii U, but it’s also the biggest launch of a new IP on the platform (beating ZombiU). While this may sounds like a pretty good news at the first glance, it also reminds us of how poorly games not attached to a popular IP have been selling on the Wii U, especially those not published by Nintendo.

In #38, Mario Kart 8 makes a comeback in the Top 50 (most likely thanks to an increase in new Wii U owners), while Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate also makes its comeback in #4. Unfortunately, Fossil Fighters Frontier flopped really hard, as it’s only made it to #24… on the Nintendo 3DS chart.


Nintendo 3DS

Wii U

Source: GFK Chart-track



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