Pokémon news (June 1st) – Pokémon Shuffle: present and reminders

Pokémon Shuffle

Last week, The Pokémon Company released 3 new Pokémon Themes for the Nintendo 3DS in Europe, Japan and North America. To celebrate, all Pokémon Shuffle players can receive 5 Exp. Points x1.5 items (which boost the amount of XP points you get after a battle). All you need to do to get yours is to use the check-in feature in-game! However, you have to do so before August 3rd, 6AM UTC.


Also, a quick reminder: this is the last week for the latest batch of Daily Pokémon stages. So if you’re interested in catching the following Pokémon, make sure you do so before the end of each day this week:

– Girafarig (Monday)
– Kecleon (Tuesday)
– Shuckle (Wednesday)
– Relicanth (Thursday)
– Spiritomb (Friday)

Source: Serebii



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