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Trove (Switch): all the updates (latest: Rising Tides)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various updates for Trove on Nintendo Switch (originally released on June 23rd 2021 in Europe and North America)!

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Trove – Ver. ??? (Rising Tides)

  • Release date: ???
  • Patch notes:


  • A new enemy faction has invaded Trove! Found only in the most difficult locations, and forged under the immense pressure of The Depths, Denizens from The Depths have risen up and  can be found in the new Long Shade/Uber-12* difficulty level, as well as in a new Delve biome!
  • Saltwater Sam & his crew can be found exploring the Long Shade, and helping combat this new threat!


  • A new Adventure World with max difficulty—Long Shade (equivalent to “Uber 12,” see Difficulty Names section below) has been added
    • To enter, Characters must have 42,500+ power Rank and 10,000+ Light
  • Unlike most Adventure Worlds, this world only contains a mix of 3 Biomes at any given time.
    • These 3 biomes rotate every 3 hours
    • The currently active biomes can be seen around the Adventure World selection node in the Atlas (default key: Ctrl + A)
  • As these biomes rotate, a variety of new Ores, Harvestables, and crafting materials can be found within!
  • Trovians can only carry a limited amount of these new items, and although that maximum can be increased, they can also be used at Saltwater Sam’s Ship Outpost—found scattered throughout the Long Shade—to craft more valuable, easier-to-carry materials!
  • Saltwater Sam & his crew can be found having established “Outposts” throughout the Long Shade. Upon their ship, new collections & keys can be crafted!
  • 5 Star dungeons can be found throughout the Long Shade, creating “Surfaced Depths Caches” (requiring keys to open) upon completion.
  • Rather than normal invaders, when invasions occur in Long Shade Adventure worlds, an Invading Depths Obelisk will drop from the sky—allowing Trovians to summon-forth powerful enemies.


  • For Characters of sufficient strength & swimming skill, “The Depths” await, a flooded Delve biome providing additional challenges and regards!
  • “The Depths” is only accessible via Matchmakers, the creation of which Saltwater Sam & his crew have been studying! You can find them at OUTPOSTS in all biomes in Long Shade Difficulty (15) worlds!
  • Unlike standard Matchmakers, every floor/tier with be “The Depths,” with the new bosses appearing every 3rd floor. Instead of a Shadowy Soul Vault, every 3rd floor will spawn a Runic Depths Vault—which can be opened using keys crafted from Saltwater Sam’s Depth’s Workbench.
  • The Depths matchmaker will only take you up to 12 floors deep, allowing 4 bosses/vaults total.


  • A new “Under Pressure” debuff–periodically pulsing damage, and reducing Health Regeneration–has been added to Delves
  • This effect first appears at Depth 160 (150 for Challenge delves), and increases in strength as your Depth increases (with periodic “jumps” in power after 10 floors)

This effect is not meant to  “stop players in their tracks” at any specific Depth, but it is intended to make “pushing the hardest depths” require more balance between health & damage stats than is currently required.


  • The “Runecrafting” profession has two new tiers, allowing players to reach a new maximum Runecrafting skill of 400
  • RUNES—a new equippable, auto-consume item—can be crafted using Runecrafting.
  • Similar to “Shouts” and “Stances” from Martial Arts, “Runes” go in the Auto-Use slot, and are consumed when performing specific actions. In addition to providing temporary buffs, consuming Runes also creates “Rune Fragments,” used to craft more powerful Runes.
  • A Runecrafting Progression System Workbench (the “Rune Anvil”) allows Runecrafters to specialize and focus how they utilize their runes.
  • Many existing Runecrafting recipes have had their material costs adjusted.
  • Collections from the Runecrafting Bench are now unlocked directly, rather than via crafted item.


  • Whispers abound of a new tier of gear: Mystic!
  • Gearcrafters have not yet figured out the secrets of Mystic gear, meaning it cannot yet be crafted directly. Instead, exotic, expensive materials—some form 5 Stars, some from The Depths Delve biome—must be used at the Forge to UPGRADE Crystal 5 gear into Mystic 1!
  • Trovian’s best Gearcrafter’s are diligently working along with Mystenta Cull to unlock its secrets!


  • 1 new Legendary dragon, and 2 new Ancestral dragons can be hatched at the Dragon Crucible!
  • Egg Fragments for these dragons can be found by defeating the summoned enemies from the “Invading Depths Obelisk” in Long Shade difficulty (15).
  • The legendary dragon, Circumsolae, Fringe of the Ever-Pyre, can also be unlocked via a Golden Pyric Dragon Egg, which can be found in Greater Dragon Caches, or via a Dragon Effigy.


  • “Uber-1” difficulty has been renamed to “Uber”—Uber-2+ difficulty names have all been completely renamed, removing the number and replacing “Uber” with a new word (or pair of words)
  • The new difficulty progression is as follows (with the first 4 entries mostly unchanged):
    • (0) Novice
    • (1) Adept
    • (2) Elite
    • (3) Master
    • (4) Uber
    • (5) Shade
    • (6) Fallow
    • (7) Twilight
    • (8) Dusk – Previously Uber-5
    • (9) Nightfall
    • (10) Moonless Dark
    • (11) Pure Midnight
    • (12) Uber Twilight
    • (13) Mega Dark – Previously Uber-10
    • (14) Deep Fallow
    • (15) Long Shade


  • New Forbidden Spires 3 Star dungeon by Cyekie!
  • New Cursed Vale 1 Star dungeon by Cyekie!
  • New Jurassic Jungle 1 Star dungeon by Cyekie!
  • New Geode Topside 1 Star dungeon by utta_!
  • New Highlands 1 Star dungeon by BeastMasterSixty4!


  • 45 new Depths themed styles have been added, 10 for Faces, and 5 for Hats & each Weapon type
    • These styles can be obtained by deconstructing gear dropped by “Depths” NPCs in Long Shade difficulty (15) & The Depths delve, or unlocked directly using a Super Style Stash
  • Cookie Handler, a new Helmet style from Ranuribufo!
  • Tiny Tusk, a new Helmet style from FutureHero!
  • T.rex, a new Helmet style from GooberBalls!
  • Zombear, a new Helmet style from DGater!
  • Dread Scientist, a new Face style from G_33X!
  • Raging Robot, a new Face style from G_33X!
  • Mk-iLL, a new Face style from Nezz!
  • HandlePinkieBar, a new Bow style from MMIyt!
  • Elemental Union, a new Bow style from PowerLessSuperX!
  • Misty Twilight, a new Bow style from PowerLessSuperX!
  • Arcane Starshot, a new Bow style from PowerLessSuperX!
  • Crystal Cut, a new Fist style from PowerLessSuperX!
  • Particle Splitter, a new Fist style from PowerLessSuperX!
  • Shiv-Er, a new Melee style from Nezz!
  • Sinister Watcher, a new Melee style from dre4ml1ght!
  • Drown Fish, a new Melee style from MMIyt!
  • Ashen Star, a new Melee style from SylonARTS!
  • Cannoli Cannon, a new Pistol style from CommonAmmo!
  • PulseX, a new Pistol style from onigiry!
  • Envenomed Impaler, a new Spear style from Tyrovar!
  • Oceanblight Blade, a new Spear style from PowerLessSuperX!
  • Ghostly Roger, a new Spear style from Alwis!
  • Gumdrop Kebab, a new Spear style from CommonAmmo!
  • Queen Flower, a new Staff style from Tilgerthron!
  • Lore Lance, a new Staff style from MMIy!
  • Flamespire, a new Staff style from CommonAmmo!
  • HELLi, a new Staff style from Nezz!


  • Fixed an issue preventing the Solarion Paragon leaderboard from appearing
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Crystal gear obtained from Gearcrater’s Vault or crafted to have incorrect stat order
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Bard’s to get Face equipment obtained from Gearcrater’s Vault or crafted to have Physical damage
  • Some unused Event currencies from old Monthly Events have been cleaned up.
  • Torches no longer give Mastery.
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases the place where two biomes meet would not transition correctly to the other Biome.
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: gamigo

Trove – Ver. ??? (Gear Up! Date)

  • Release date: ???
  • Patch notes:
Crystal 5
  • Crystal 5 equipment is now available in Trove!
  • Crystal 5 gear can drop naturally in the same way as Crystal 4 equipment, although at a much slower rate.
  • Crystal 5 gear can also be acquired through Gearcrafting and the Gearcrafter’s Vault.
  • Gearcrafting is a profession allowing Trovians a new method of acquiring equipment for their many classes!
  • Guillermo Armada can now be found in the Hub – look for the giant gear in Character Corner.  He and his forge are ready to help Trovians get started as a Gearcrafter!
  • The Gearcrafting Forge contains 6 tiers of recipes, allowing players to craft the full range of equipment from Uncommon (green) up through Crystal (teal).
    • With the exception of the final Crystal tier, each 50 point Gearcrafting tier will grant a range of equipment rarity, depending on the Power Rank of the active class.
    • The Power Rank thresholds correspond with the Power Rank requirements on the Atlas, allowing access to more difficult worlds.
    • For example, the first tier will, depending on Power Rank, always give Uncommon (green), Rare (blue), or Epic (purple) equipment – with a rare chance to craft Legendary (orange) equipment instead.
    • The next tier allows Legendary (orange), Relic (red), and Resplendent (rainbow) equipment to drop – with a rare chance to drop Shadow (black) equipment instead.
    • The next three tiers craft Shadow (black), Radiant (white), or Stellar (yellow) between tier 1 and tier 5.
    • The Crystal tier contains recipes up to Crystal 4, which can rarely give players Crystal 5 equipment.
    • For access to Crystal equipment higher than Crystal 1, Trovians must make use of the Gearcrafter’s Terminus.  See the Gearcrafter’s Terminus section for more details.
  • Crafting equipment takes many old materials (such as flux, ores, and other gathered materials) along with some new materials (Molds and Block Elements). 
    • Block Elements are obtained by loot collecting equipment found while out adventuring.
    • Molds are specific to each equipment type (Hats, Faces, and each weapon type are individual Molds).  Molds can be obtained by loot collecting 3 star or higher equipment (or can be purchased from Guillermo).
    • Pureforged Molds – used to craft Crystal equipment – are available in limited amounts from Guillermo on PTS or can be found rarely from the Gearcrafter’s Vault.
    • Tempered Block Elements are required for crafting Crystal 4 equipment or upgrading Crystal 5 equipment.  These can be rarely obtained from the Gearcrafter’s Vault or when crafting any recipe on the Gearcrafting Forge.
  • When players craft equipment or obtain it from the Gearcrafter’s Vault, it will have stats appropriate to the current class (for example, no Energy Regen for classes that don’t use energy).
  • When unlocked, the Crystal 4 Gearcrafting recipes can rarely award Crystal 5 when crafted.
  • Crafted equipment is always 1-star, with no applied pearls and with stats appropriate to the current class.
  • If consumed before crafting, Forge Enhancer Potions – found on the More tab of the Store – will increase the power of equipment crafted during its duration, causing it to be created with 2 stars instead of 1 and with upgraded (pearled) stats.
  • A few additional steps have been added to Qubesly’s tutorial questline. After players have been introduced to Ringcrafting, they will also be given a brief tour of Gearcrafting.
  • An Expertise Thread has also been introduced, introducing players to the Terminus and Gearcrafter’s Vault.
Gearcrafter’s Terminus
  • Once 250 Gearcrafting skill has been acquired, Trovians can make use of the Gearcrafter’s Terminus to unlock Crystal 2, 3, and 4 equipment recipes.
  • Additional upgrades can be purchased, allowing players to increase their ability to acquire Gearcrafter’s Vault in a variety of ways.
  • The first time a Major node is unlocked or a Minor node is upgraded will grant some Gearcrafter’s Vaults along with keys!
Gearcrafter’s Vault
  • The Gearcrafter’s Vault can sometimes be obtained when completing any Gearcrafting recipe at the Gearcrafting Forge and otherwise can rarely be found in Uber-1 or higher chests.  The chance for this drop and the amount of vaults received both scale with the world’s Uber rank: at Uber-9 at least 1 Gearcrafter’s Vault will drop for each dungeon.
  • The Gearcrafter’s Vault usually contains items required by Gearcrafting recipes and will contain a piece of equipment on all rare (Lucky!) results (in addition to a large about of Block Elements).
  • This equipment is always at least 2 stars, and can sometimes have upgraded (pearled) stats.
  • This equipment scales based on the Power Rank of the current class, and, like Gearcrafting recipes, will not give stats which the current class cannot use.
  • Crystal 5 can be rarely awarded if opened by a Trovian with more than 45k Power Rank.
  • A Gearcrafter’s Vault Key – sold by Guillermo Armada – will guarantee a rare (Lucky!) result.
  • Vault Magnet Potions – sold on the More tab in the Store – increase the drop rate of Gearcrafter’s Vaults from dungeons.
  • Very rarely, tradeable unlockers for new Gearcrafting themed collections can be found within the Gearcrafter’s Vault!
New Styles
  • The following costumes have all been added to the Chaotic Combinator.
  • The Twilight Templar for the Knight by LippyLapras!
  • The Sea-bound Sunseeker for the Pirate Captain by Evilagician and Ylva!
  • The Coral Custodian for the Ice Sage by _FutureHero_!
  • The Starfire Shooter for the Shadow Hunter by Altairyx!
  • The Woodland Warlock for the Fae Trickster by Arasolian!
  • The Amperium Ardent for the Candy Barbarian by Foodfight2!
  • The Cursed Combatant for the Neon Ninja by ForgottenLegacy!
  • The Holographic Hotshot for the Gunslinger by MisterY!
  • The Bismolyte for the Dracolyte by Jusiv!
  • The Feathered Friend for the Boomeranger by AirRider!
  • The Amperium Artificer for the Tomb Raiser by SkyRider3217!
  • The Ancient Aegis for the Revenant by CaptainCraftIt!
  • The Starfire Striker for the Lunar Lancer by EXTREMEDUDEONE!
  • The Baleful Blossom for the Chloromancer by SkyRider3217!
  • The Resistor Rancer for the Dino Tamer by PROfessOriginal!
  • The Colorful Contagion for the Vanguardian by meekoz!
  • The Prismatic Poet for the Bard by SkyTheVirus!
  • The Jack-O-Larion for the Solarion by galaxoman!
Additional Updates
  • Please note that equipped Geode modules have been unequipped with this update.  Please visit Pell before exploring Geode or delves in order to re-equip these Modules.
  • Crystal weapons can no longer be crafted at the Sunseeker’s Crystalforge.
  • Low tier equipment now loot collects for slightly more flux.
  • The Forge can no longer be used to upgrade some tiers of equipment in to a tier higher.
  • Viridum, Nitro-Glitterine, Irradium Ore, and Emberslag Ore can bow sometimes be found inside Miner’s Troves.
  • Killing Leviathans now guarantees an Over-Packed Nitro Decay Suspension Vault (with increased drop amounts at higher Uber ranks).
    • Over-Packed Nitro Decay Suspension Vaults can be refined at the Sunseeker’s Crystalforge.  This recipe grants 175 Nitro-Glitterine, 10 Forge Fragments, and an amount of Nitro Decay Suspension Vaults.
    • Nitro Decay Suspension Vaults can be loot collected in to 1 Nitro-Glitterine each.
    • The cost to do this starts at 1,000 flux and increases by 2,000 flux every time it is crafted.  This cost resets at the Daily Reset time.  This recipe can be crafted up to 100 times per day.
  • Faces, Hats, and Weapons can now be found in Radiant2+ and Stellar2+ tiers.
  • Added a Flask Seller merchant to the Hub who sells the Flasks and Emblems otherwise found in the More tab of the Store.
  • Some of the merchants from the Hub have found their way on to the Market Fixtures in Clubs.  These merchants will only appear on fixtures placed or upgraded after this update.  The following merchants are now present (in addition to the existing Club Merchant and workbenches):
    • Market Fixture Level 1 has The Collector, Flask Seller, and Chaotic Carl.
    • Market Fixture Level 2 additionally has Lazulemuri, Tailor Trunk, and Draconic Browser.
    • Market Fixture Level 3 additionally has TNTinder and Party Gina.
  • Major Star of Shard Searcher and Major Star of Shard Searcher 2.0 have had their descriptions updated to the more accurate: “Grants a XX% chance to get an additional ore when mining”.
  • Fixed a bug where Major Star of Shard Searcher was only granting a 5% chance to get additional ore, rather than 10%.
  • Updated the map of the Hub to be more accurate.
  • The /metrics command is now sorted alphabetically.
  • Lobstroso and Spike Walker trophies now grant Mighty Soul Tangles when composted.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause iguana enemies from freezing during their idle animations.
  • Titles that track metrics should now update in real time for other players.
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: gamigo

Trove – Ver. ??? (Punches and Potions Update)

  • Release date: ???
  • Patch notes:
New UI – Effects Window
  •  This patch will introduce a new ‘active effects’ window, which lets players see what effects
    are currently active on their players.
  •  Players will be able to scroll through a list of all class-based effects which design has allowed
    to appear, letting players read the effects (and even remove the effects in some cases).
New Tradeskill/Profession – Mysticism
  • Existing professions: Gardening, Ringcrafting, Runecrafting, and Crystallogy
  • Players Collect MANA, a new “press [E] to collect” resource that spawns in all Adventure

    • Mana is only present in 3 biomes at a time
    • Each week mana begins to spawn in 1 new biome, and leaves 1 old biome behind
  • Players Craft BUFFS, POTIONS, and SCROLLS using mana and additional reagents (old and

    • BUFFS last the remainder of the day
    • POTIONS only last ~2-6 hours, but will not countdown when offline
    • SCROLLS won’t even last through a world change, and usually dissipate within 5
  • Players Unlock recipes for rare buffs, potions, and scrolls through disparate world activities, as well as from the MYSTIC ARTS LOOTBOX
New Tradeskill/Profession – Martial Arts
  •  Players Loot Collect existing Trophies (which they have stockpiled) to receive “Bad Karma”
  • Players perform Acts of Service (i.e.: “do quests/activities”) to receive “Good Karma”
  • Combining Good Karma, Bad Karma, and other various reagents (old and new), players can
    craft SHOUTS and MANTRAS
  • SHOUTS sit in your “Auto-Use” equipment slot and are consumed when your character uses specific ability types.
  • When consumed, they give you short duration effects, like a mini-BUFF.
    • Example: “Every time you use a SLAM ability, receive ENERGY REGENERATION for a limited duration”
    • Note: Currently on live, the “Auto-Use” slot is called the “Food” slot. This patch will rename it.
  • MANTRAS also go in your “Auto-Use” equipment slot and give the player two separate mini-buff effects, which stack with themselves.
  • Mantras will trigger a medium duration effect (~1 hour) when players remain in a specific animation state for a set period of time.
    • Unlike a shout, this will not consume the Mantra
    • This effect will not stack with shouts
  • Mantras will trigger a full-day duration effect when players consume their Mantra by crafting a special recipe at one of the Martial Arts workbenches (i.e.: “Long Rest”)
    • This effect will stack with shouts
      • Example: “Sit for 5+ seconds to receive a HEALTH REGENERATION effect for 1 hour. CONSUME this Mantra using the LONG REST recipe at the SHRINE OF KARMA for a day-long version of this effect.”
  • Additional patch notes:
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: gamigo

Trove – Ver. ??? (The Trouble With Titles Update)

  • Release date: ???
  • Patch notes:
New System: Titles
  • Titles are a new way to spruce up names!
  • Accessible from the top of the Character Sheet is a button that will now open the Title Selector UI! (This is the same button that previously allowed players to select a name color.)
  • The Title Selector UI can be used to equip 1 Title prefix and 1 Title suffix, along with changing the selected name color and adjusting visibility settings for the player’s name.
  • While some of the methods of acquiring titles may grant mastery, titles themselves are intended to be purely cosmetic and grant no mastery.
  • Hundreds of titles can be found across Trove, with 4 major ways to acquire them:
    • Automatically on logging in for having certain metric values
    • Crafted at the Title Certificate Stamper workbench in the Hub
    • Crafted at the Dragon Crucible workbench in the Hub
    • Obtained from the Terrific Title Trove, found in the More tab on the store or sold by Stampy and Captain Ybarra
Metric Titles
  • Metric titles are awarded for passing certain thresholds for various player metrics, such as enemies defeated or blocks destroyed.
  • The title system will reassess eligibility for metric titles with every login or world change. 
  • For example, the title “the Powerful” is available once a player has at least 20,000 Power Rank on any class.  But if the player changes their equipped gems/gear so that no class has 20,000 Power Rank, zoning will then unequip the title and remove it from the Title Selector.  Re-equipping the gems/gear and zoning again will restore the title.
  • Though not all metrics have titles, they can be viewed using /metrics (or export them on PC using /exportmetrics).
  • There are over 50 Metric titles available for a variety of activities!
Title Registrar
  • Stampy, the Title Registrar, can be found in the Hub in his Qubesly-approved RV Kiosk.  He can be recognized by his large stamp, his glasses, tie, and the fact he’s a giant sloth.
  • A quintessential bureaucrat, Stampy only works Monday through Friday. The amiable Markos Ybarra (retired captain in the Trovian Capybara Brigade) has the weekend shift, and sells all Title essentials!
  • Using the Title Certificate Stamper, which is a workbench, Stampy can help craft Title prefixes or suffixes!
  • Stampy only sells 1 stamp per day because 1 is all anyone could EVER need!  Each title recipe will return this stamp upon completion of the recipe.
  • Additionally, each title will need both a Title Authorization Form (which Stampy also sells) and enough title-specific materials for the Document Stamper to synthesize the title-specific ink the Qubeslean bureaucracy requires (different for each Title recipe).
  • There are over 30 titles available by default on the Trovian Document Stamper, but player can unlock many more by finding Certificates of Title out in the wild and consuming them!
  • There are some rumors of a Cursed Vanity lurking around the area, and apparently players can even craft their own.  Why would anyone ever want to have one of those around…
Draconic Titles
  • Always looking to capitalize on popular trends, the Dragons of Trove have formed a noble council and have agreed to SEASONALLY RENT access to their over 60 FANCY AND PRESTIGIOUS titles! (Dragons insist that caps lock is cruise control for cool, don’t blame the humble writer.)
  • Draconic Title recipes are available at the DRAGON CRUICIBLE, found in the HUB.
  • Each Draconic Title can be crafted during a single Trovian season, which conveniently happen to be the same as seasons in the Northen Hemisphere on Earth (well, conveniently for anyone located in the Northen Hemisphere, at least.) Winter starts on December 1st, Spring on March 1st, Summer on  June 1st, and Fall on September 1st.
  • Access to a Draconic Title lasts for the season in which they were rented plus the following season.  In other words, depending on when in a season they were crafted, Draconic Titles last between 3 and 6 months.
  • Draconic Titles can ONLY be crafted by players who have the associated Dragon unlocked in collections.   Anyone with the o-Lantern suffix definitely owns the Drak-o-Lantern Dragon.
  • Each Draconic Title requires a seasonal Draconic Essence to craft.  Glacial Essences appear in Winter, Burnt Essences appear in Fall, Scorching Essences appear in Summer, and Germinating Essences appear in Spring.
  • Conveniently the DRACONIC BROWSER merchant nearby will sell up to 15 Diluted Draconic Essences (in 5 batches of 3 each), which can be used at the Dragon Crucible to craft the current season’s Essence!  These Diluted Essence products restock each month.  Alternatively, the current season’s essence can be uncommonly obtained from Greater Dragon Caches.
Terrific Title Trove
  • This box contains 1 random, temporary title unavailable elsewhere in-game.
  • Unlike Certificate Titles, these titles can be consumed directly and do not need to be unlocked and then crafted.
  • Generally, the titles from this box can be traded or placed on the Marketplace, as well as Loot Collected.
  • This box has a karma bar. Additionally, a Truly Terrific Title Trove – guaranteeing a rare result – is available when purchasing the box 33 units at a time.
  • Common and Uncommon titles from this box last 1 week (until weekly reset – Mondays at 11 AM UTC), while Rare titles (usually) last 1 month and can contain embedded Metrics within the titles to show to other Trovians.
New Dungeons
  • New Dragonfire Peaks 1-Star dungeon by Cyekie!
  • New Desert Frontier 1-Star dungeon by 4rkeN!
  • New Fae Forest 1-Star dungeon by _FutureHero_!
  • New Permafrost 1-Star dungeon by Andoshua!
  • New Jurassic Jungle 3 Star dungeon by Triky313!
New Styles
  • Added Bramble Bat, a new Helmet style from SkyTheVirus, to Stash Exclusive!
  • Added Taffy Longneck, a new Helmet style from _FutureHero_, to Stash Exclusive!
  • Added Mesmerizing Moth, a new Helmet style from xXx_akumi_xXx. to Stash Exclusive!
  • Added Clever Clawdia, a new Helmet style from Gooberballs, to Stash Exclusive!
  • Added Spotted Shark-tooth, a new Helmet style from Gooberballs, to Stash Exclusive!
  • Added Eldritch Drake, a new Helmet style from Gooberballs, to Stash Exclusive!
  • Added Curlicue Chomper, a new Helmet style from Solidcraft, to Stash Exclusive!
  • Added Ten-tasselled Crown, a new Hat style from Aronaix, to Forbidden Spires!
  • Added Flipped Fedora, a new Hat style from Andoshua, to Highlands!
  • Added Hissing Handbow, a new Bow style from Marzes, to Jurassic Jungle!
  • Added Skullharpoon, a new Spear style from Kive10, to Jurassic Jungle!  
  • Added Mint Chipper, a new Bow style from CommonAmmo, to Candy!
  • Added Punch-packed Creamsicle, a new Fist style from CommonAmmo, to Candy!
  • Added Pre-charged Bow, a new Bow style from Fecking, to Neon City!
  • Added Fairy Bow, a new Bow style from JessyWizzard, to Fae!
  • Added Sparkling Strike, a new Fist style from Cyekie_, to Radiant!
  • Added Parrot’s Pincer, a new Fist style from galaxoman, to Treasure Isles!
  • Added Magnifying Mitt, a new Fist style from galaxoman, to Treasure Isles!
  • Added Chalked Cue, a new Spear style from DZHEYKAT, to Frontier!
  • Added Deadly Twig, a new Bow style from utta_, to Undead!
  • Added Cursed Halberd, a new Spear style from Makofkat, to Undead!
New Decorations
  • Added Chubby Fruit Eater by _FutureHero_ to the Island Workbench!
  • Added Predatory Feline by _FutureHero_ to the Island Workbench!
  • Added Arcanium Gear by _FutureHero_ to the Frontier Workbench!
  • Added Arcanium Orb by _FutureHero_ to the Frontier Workbench!
  • Added Arcanium Connector by _FutureHero_ to the Frontier Workbench!
  • Added Ornate Lattice Window by _FutureHero_ to the Forbidden Workbench!
  • Added Ornate Lattice Window Corner by _FutureHero_ to the Forbidden Workbench!
  • Added Li’l Ancient Drake by SkyRider3217 to the Draconic Workbench!
  • Added Li’l Moonwing Drake by SkyRider3217 to the Draconic Workbench!
  • Added Li’l Bone Drake by SkyRider3217 to the Draconic Workbench!
  • Added Li’l Winter Drake by SkyRider3217 to the Draconic Workbench!
  • Added Li’l Starlight Drake by SkyRider3217 to the Draconic Workbench!
  • Added Li’l Kami Drake by SkyRider3217 to the Draconic Workbench!
  • Added Li’l Pirate Drake by SkyRider3217 to the Draconic Workbench!
  • Added Li’l Block Drake by SkyRider3217 to the Draconic Workbench!
  • Added Li’l Candorian Drake by SkyRider3217 to the Draconic Workbench!
  • Added Li’l Deep Sea Drake by SkyRider3217 to the Draconic Workbench!
  • Added Li’l Pinata Drake by SkyRider3217 to the Draconic Workbench!
  • Added Li’l Lorekeeper Drake by SkyRider3217 to the Draconic Workbench!
Additional Updates
  • Taeryn Veernok, Progenitor of the Cosmos has had its passive ability changed. Now it will only work while a player is mounted. While mounted, the player and many players around them will get a buff that increases their jump by 5 and increases how high each jump will send them into the air.
  • An introduction questline for the Star Chart system has been added. Talk to the Celestial on the top floor of the Crafting Corner to get it started!
  • Adjusted badge weights relative to each other so newer players should see badges auto-sort in a more logical manner when viewing the Badges section of the Adventures UI.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing a Frontier dungeon from Triky313 & xThaWolf from appearing in the Desert Frontier biome.
  • Some of the dungeons in Geode Topside, Fae Forest, Permafrost, Medieval Highlands and Treasure Isles biomes have been slightly adjusted to provide a better combat experience.  Thanks to Asled for a significant amount of feedback on the play experience of these dungeons.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the Font of Knowledge fixture from properly giving Bonus XP.
  • Decoy Emblems should now properly take enemy aggro.
  • Uber-10 and Uber-11 gem boxes should now count for Gemsly’s tutorial on gems and how they work.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Jade Scarabs from appearing in Forbidden Spires Delves.
  • The Robo-Raptor mount and Balefire wings are now visible in collections even if locked.
  • The Stormcaller wings can now be found under the Store category.
  • Recipe: Clam Chow can now be deconstructed.
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: gamigo

Trove – Ver. ??? (Fluxion Update)

  • Release date: ???
  • Patch notes:
  • Players can now find a community oriented version of Luxion – Fluxion – in the hub after completing a short introductory quest.
  • Engaging with this npc will allow players to vote with their flux on what they’d like to see on Fluxion.
  • Votes can be cast multiple times, but each vote will cost more.  Votes are never lost – if an item does not win, those votes will carry over to the next time that item is an option. (Note: players must log in during the voting period for their votes to be added.)
  • Items that win a round on Fluxion cannot be selected to appear for the next round, but may appear for subsequent rounds.
  • Currently Fluxion and Luxion co-exist and appear on separate rotations.  Luxion continues to appear on weekends, while Fluxion appears Tuesday through Thursday, alternating between voting and buying rounds.
Castle Catastra
  • Explore a new kind of delves with Castle Catastra – rather than the cave environments, this delve features a castle environment.
  • These castle levels are always flat rather than going up or down for a more linear experience.
  • Three bosses can be found inside these delves – Furrious Fiona, a Balefire Dragon, or a Lowly Caretaker.
  • Depth-steppers for Castle Catastra (and Furrious Fiona, owner of said castle) can be obtained:
    • 3 “Furrious Fiona” Depth Stepper Matchmakers can be purchased from Rokatan in the Delve building in the Hub
    • A “Castle Catastra” Depth Stepper – which can spawn Furrious Fiona, but will more often spawn a Balefire Dragon or a Lowly Caretaker – can be crafted at the Delve Workbench under the Depth Stepper Gateway section.
    • For players who have consumed a Furrious Fiona memento, a Furrious Fiona Depth Stepper can be crafted at the Delve Workbench on Fridays, found under the Daily Memento Gateways section.
  • Rather than Crystals or Shadow Shards, within the halls of Castle Catastra players will collect Cat’s Eye Gemeralds. These Gemeralds can be used to craft the many wonderous rewards via the Box o’ Nine Tails, which appears after the defeat of the boss.  These drops are increased by Delve Day.
  • Occasionally while wandering the halls of Castle Catastra, additional Cat’s Eye Gemeralds may be obtained from rare-spawning chests, merchants, or workbenches!
    • Griff, Field Merchant sells the following:
      • 3 Mount Upgrade: Delve Usable that allow the player to make any mount usable in Delves.  These 3 do not restock. These are also sold by Quartermeowster Griff, who spawns after defeating the boss of a Castle Catastra Delve.
      • 1 Mount Upgrade: Delve Usable that restocks every 3 months.
      • An Inert Geode Wallet, adding 200 to the maximum number of Inert Geodes which can be stored.
      • 5 Cat’s Eye Gemerald that restock weekly.
      • 2 Heirloom Gemeralds that restock daily.  These are also sold with the same limited stock by Quartermeowster Griff.
      • sells 18 Recipe: Random Decorative Tombstone, allowing players to craft a new Tombstone decoration for each class.
    • Chests
      • A normally destructible chest can spawn in Castle Catastra rooms
      • A chest that requires a Fi’s Key to open can also spawn.  Fi’s Key is craftable at the Box o’ Nine Tails, which spawns after defeating the boss of a Castle Catastra Delve.
    • Gemerald Processing Bench with the following recipes:
      • Fi’s Key
      • 500 x Cat’s Eye Gemeralds (can craft once per week)
      • Mount Upgrade: Delve Usable (can craft once every 3 months
  • Using Gemeralds, Heirloom Gemeralds, and other materials, players can craft 5 new allies, 2 new mounts, and a boat at the Box o’ Nine Tails, found after completing a Castle Catastra floor.  Tradable versions of these allies, mounts, and boat can rarely be obtained by defeating Furrious Fiona herself.
  • Heirloom Gemeralds can be obtained:
    •  Uncommonly when defeating the Castle Catastra delve. This chance increases as the Depth of the delve also increases, and is higher still on floors where a Shadowy Soul Vault appears.
    • Uncommonly when using Fi’s Key to open a Reinforced Gemerald Cache (Note: The user who consumes the key has an additional chance for this drop compared to users who just receive loot but didn’t use a key).
    • Quartermeowster Griff (also known as Griff, Field Merchant when found outside of the boss room) also sells two Heirloom Gemeralds per day.
    • Very rarely they may be found as loot from defeating creatures within the Castle Catastra delve biome
Cosmic Primordial Dragon
  • Say hello to Taeryn Veernok!  This new Primordial Dragon will increase Cosmic gem stats by 10% when unlocked. 
  • When equipped, this dragon will give the player and any nearby Trovians a 6-hour +50 Light buff any time a Dungeon is completed.  This ability will likely be changed in a future patch, so stay tuned!
Badge Tracking
  • A Badges section has been added to the Adventures UI (Default hotkey: I).
  • The 3 badges considered to be closest to completion will be displayed here.
  • Up to 5 favorited badges will also be displayed in this list.
  • Badge tracking is shown on the HUD, with the top badge being displayed below the currently tracked quests.
Master’s Autoscriptor
  • A new Master’s Autoscriptor workbench can be crafted at the Builder’s Crafting Bench.  This recipe is only available to Trovians with a Mastery rank of 800 or higher.
  • With more recipes on the way in future updates, the initial two recipes allow the users to use Oil-free Downfeathers to temporarily enhance two of the 800+ Mastery rewards:
    • Wakling Watchdog upgrades the effect on the Ally: Wakling so that when it occurs, in addition to adding Light, it also spawns a Wakling Egguardian to help you fight. This effect lasts for 3 hours.
    • Downfeather Dissertation – Spellbinder adds a small chance to drop Blank Scrolls from any NPCs defeated. This effect lasts for 12 hours and does not require the Downfeather Dissertation to be equipped.
  • Both Wakling Watchdog and Downfeather Disseration – Spellbinder are MASTER’S spells, and will not stack with each other: applying one will replace the other.
  • Currently both effects are represented with a pot-o-gold icon in the buff bar, though their icons may change in the future.
  • The Oil-free Downfeather is obtained from the Downfeather Dissertation tome, rewarded upon reaching Mastery Rank 830.
  • Oil-Free Downfeathers can be traded, placed on the marketplace, or consumed in Adventure Worlds for a 30 second buff increasing Jump by 100.
Additional Updates
  • Fixed a memory leak that was found in some UI elements.
  • Players can now create more worlds before hitting the world creation limit.
  • Players are now able to load into Club PVP Worlds with their friends across different regions!
  • The Mysterious Trophy Case has had more trophies added to it, including new unique ones.
  • Gateway Gladys (in the Delve building in the hub) now offers Mount Upgrade: Delve Usable and Wing Upgrade: Delve Usable.  These can be purchased up to 6 times for 750 Credits each for the former and up to 3 times for 1000 Credits each for the latter.
  • Many previous Event Mounts, Allies, Boats, Sails, Wings, and Magriders have been moved from the Event category to a new Event Vault category.
  • The Geodian Weekly Deal has been replaced by the Boosted Weekly Deal – this rotating weekly deal provides 1 Event Vault Stash (unlock one random Event Vault or Luxion collectable from Mounts, Allies, Boats, Sails, Wings, or Magriders that is not already unlocked), a 15 day patron pass, and 5 Primal Paragon Cubes for 3000 credits.
  • Emblems that could previously occasionally be found on Luxion can now be found on the Weavers of Wonder merchant.  This includes the Repulsing Emblem, Energizing Rain Emblem, Soothing Rain Emblem, Restorative Emblem, Energetic Emblem, Zealous Emblem, Unyielding Emblem, Shadow Shrike Emblem, and Sorcerous Servant Emblem.
  • Some mounts, allies, ships, and sails that were previously found under Events have been moved to the Store section since they are available in packs.
  • The Giant Shadow Panda mount has been moved from the Event category to the Shadow Tower category.
  • The Chaos Hound mount has been moved from the Chaotic category to the Rare category.
  • The Jamband Pineapamancer costume for Tomb Raiser is now correctly worth 70 mastery.
  • The Lava Scarred bubble in the Depths of the Angler now correctly reduces damage taken instead of increasing it.
  • Fixed an issue where Lures would result in more trophy fish than Depth Lures.
  • Some of the dungeons in Geode Topside, Cursed Vale, Candoria, Desert Frontier, Dragonfire Peaks,  Fae Forest, and Jurassic Jungle biomes have been slightly adjusted to provide a better experience based on feedback.
  • The Classy Clubit Fan should now be able to be picked up when mined.
  • Many Bomber Royale Rubber Bomb Styles were corrected to display the default VFX when no replacement VFX were available.
  • Many recipes for decorations from the Tombs have been added to the Faerie Workbench and the Haunted Workbench.
  • Recipes for decorations from the Wolves’ Den have been added to the Shadowy Station.
  • Pinkzo now sells Pinkzo’s Patents, which are new bombs that explode in colorful and new(ish) ways.
  • The untradable Bouncin’ Heckbug ally no longer deconstructs for chaos cores.
  • The Springy Roller ally no longer deconstructs for chaos cores.
  • Updated the Designed By tag on the Leaning Tower of Sundae ally to properly reflect that it was created by AirRider and _FutureHero_.
  • Updated the Designed By tag on the Cupc-obster ally to  reflect that it was created by TheStimerGames.
  • The descriptions of Executive Chef, Deputy Chef, and Junior Chef now say they Increase the duration instead of Double the duration.
  • Adjusted placement of textbox popups on multiple npcs in the Trove Hub.
  • Removed an old event recipe from S.O.A.R. T-2 to reduce confusion.
  • The description for the Pressure-locked Heirloom Case has been updated to mention it doesn’t include ‘newly added’ mementos. 
  • Pirate Captain Wall Trophies now correctly display Pirate Captain when placed.
  • Fixed the spelling on the name of the Cool Air Balloon ally.
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: gamigo

Trove – Ver. ??? (Fees and Felines Update)

  • Release date: ???
  • Patch notes:

Marketplace Updates 

  • Pinzo has taken over the marketplace and has demanded his likeness be placed in the name.  Just be glad that we talked him out of renaming it Pinzo’s Plaza. 
  • The marketplace now only accepts flux – all existing pentaforged shadow soul priced auctions should be expired and claimable. 
  • When listing an item on the marketplace, a listing fee will be charged.  This fee can range from 50 to 65,000 flux depending on the listing price of the item(s) being listed.  If the item does not sell, this fee will not be returned.  If the item does sell, the fee will be returned. 
  • Successful sales on the marketplace will be charged a 10% tax   Note that if an auction is sold before this change, but the seller claims the profits afterwards, they will still be charged the tax – get your claims in before this goes live! 
  • The marketplace now displays 12 items per page instead of 6, and the balance of the UI has been adjusted for readability. 
  • The marketplace comparison information has been updated to permanently display on the sell tab once an item has been added.  The formula for calculating this listing has been updated to either display: 
    • Lowest/highest value (if the total number of listings is small) 
    • An average of the lowest/highest listings (more accurate for a large number of listings) 
  • There is now a Quick Search button that can be found on the Sell tab once an item listing has started being created.  This will automatically search for existing listings for the listing item once selected. 
  • The amount of sale slots in the Marketplace has been doubled.  The prices remain consistent with other Marketplace sale slots. 
  • Listings that are currently active will now display how much time is left before they expire on their individual listing. 
  • Commas have been added to the currency displays for readability. They’ll be removed while sale prices are being edited for the sake of clarity, but added back in once the field is deselected. 


  • Some superstitious Trovians claim the Nekonomicon is available to craft, like other tomes, but nobody knows if they are to be trusted. 
  • This tome takes 5 times longer to fill than normal Legendary Tomes. 
  • Once filled, this tome gives a Gravesight buff, allowing the player to see Fiona Catastra, who hangs out in Adventure World Outposts.  Occasionally filling this tome also grants a Fiona Catastra recipe for the recipes on Fi’s Workbench. 
  • Fiona Catastra sells a variety of Deco objects (including a new Framework) at outrageously expensive prices, and she only deals in bones!  Luckily, recipes for these Deco items can also be found on her workbench for a fraction of the cost!
  • Fiona sells 1 recipe – the rest can be acquired by filling up the Nekonomicon each week. 
  • A Curious Workbench can rarely appear in dungeons in the Cursed Vale biome and can only be seen while Gravesight is active.  Each workbench only has one of the recipes for the 4 related collections. 

New Dungeons 

  • New Permafrost 1 Star dungeon by utta_! 
  • New Neon City 1 Star dungeon by SpookiPants ! 
  • New Neon City and Luminopolis 1 Star dungeon by Cyekie! 
  • New Geode Topside 1 Star dungeon by Cyekie! 
  • New Geode Topside 1 Star dungeon by onigiry! 
  • New Geode Topside 3 Star dungeon by Erythra! 
  • New Geode Topside 5 Star dungeon by ABprice! 

New Styles 

  • Added Goodest Girl Helmet by siixxx to Stash Exclusive. 
  • AddedSneaky Seagull Helmet by Thibochoco to Stash Exclusive. 
  • Added Flower Helmet by _FutureHero_ to Stash Exclusive. 
  • Added Sinister Spinosaurus Helmet by GooberBalls to Stash Exclusive. 
  • Added Harpy’s Nest by TheStimerGames to Frontier. 
  • Added Bugzapper Gun by Therrard to Highlands. 
  • Added DISCOrn Gun by Onestus to Highlands. 
  • Added Robotics Remover Gun by TheGunBlaster to Neon City 
  • Added Blast-powered Water Jewel Gun by PROfessOriginal to Vault. 
  • Added Blast-powered Air Jewel Gun by PROfessOriginal to Vault. 
  • Added Blast-powered Fire Jewel Gun by PROfessOriginal to Vault. 
  • Added Blast-powered Cosmic Jewel Gun by PROfessOriginal to Vault. 
  • Added Ghouls Gravedigger Staff by TipHat to Undead. 
  • Added Purga-Tory Staff by Nezz to Undead. 
  • Added Mechanical Disaster Staff by Nezz to Neon City. 
  • Added Banana’s Justice Staff by Azenzo to Treasure Isles. 
  • Added Chainsaw Sword Melee by knakworstje to Frontier. 
  • Added Laval Scimitar Melee by Banipal to Dragon. 
  • Added Unison Melee by Nezz to Neon City. 
  • Added Starglass Battleaxe Melee by makofkat to Jurassic Jungle. 

Additional Updates 

  • Harvesting resources such as ore now limit themselves to being collected by the nearest 8 players to make them more consistent with other drops such as loot. 
  • Fixed a server crash that could occur while worlds were starting up. 
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using a Gem Forge at another player’s cornerstone. 
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent some maximum weight fish from ever being caught. 
  • The Major Star of Rage 3.0 now correctly gives a 12% damage increase (up from 10%). 
  • There’s a shocking lack of bombs in Trove, so we’ve enabled the mass crafting of bombs at the Adventurer’s Crafting Bench. Under the BOMBS category players will now find recipes allowing them to craft bombs in increments of 100, 1000, and 10000. 
  • Reduced the time it takes to craft clubits at an upgraded Travelling Club Merchant fixture. 
  • The 4 named Pirrot Pirate Captains will now drop trophies: Squawk Red-Eye, Mean Gene the Green, Blue Barry, and Black Beak. 
  • Tooltips in the Collections UI should now more consistently appear in line with the item instead of at the top of the screen. 
  • Plasma fishing pools should now more consistently give the correct fish during the Tuesday bonus. 
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Edit Member dropdown in the Club UI to display at a weird offset if the member list had been scrolled.  Please note that using the mouse scroll wheel with this dropdown open will still cause issues. 
  • Updated some fishing dailies to refer to them lasting for 3 days instead of 24 hours. 
  • Adjusted the abilities for Vanguardian so they will be more likely to trigger while also using basic attack, although they are still not entirely consistent. 
  • Some of the Geode Topside dungeons have been slightly adjusted to provide a better player experience. 
  • Sharkman Mementoes have been updated to match the names of the trophies. 
  • Updated some of the legal documents players agree to when launching the game. 
  • Updated the Slam vfx used by some bosses. 
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: gamigo

Trove – Ver. ??? (Gunslinger Noscope Update)

  • Release date: ???
  • Patch notes:

Gunslinger Updates

  • Passive: Lucky Shot – While in the air, damage dealt to enemies decreases the speed of the Gunslinger’s descent. Dealing damage has a 20% chance to cause the next Charged Sniper Shot to be full power without any charging time.
  • Basic Attack – Shoots an energy projectile towards foes dealing 165% Magic Damage.
  • Primary: Charged Sniper Shot – Hold Charged Shot to increase the damage and radius.
    • At charge level 1 it deals 200% Magic Damage to the target
    • At charge level 2 it deals 350% Magic Damage to the target and 175% Magic Damage in an area around them
    • At maximum charge, it deals 950% Magic Damage to the target and 350% Magic Damage in an area around them along with applying a debuff that increases damage done to the target by 10% for 10 seconds. When targets are below 35% health it will also deal an additional 750% Magic Damage.
  • Secondary: Blast Jump – Launches the Gunslinger up into the air, dealing 600% Magic damage to any nearby enemies and gaining slowfall for 3.25 seconds. Dodging will cancel out this slow fall effect.
  • Ultimate: Run and Gun – Increases the Gunslinger’s Movement Speed by 20 and Attack Speed by 75% and allows the Gunslinger to run full speed while attacking.
  • Class Gem: Overcharged – Run and Gun now decreases your attack speed by 25%, but all shots fired are explosive dealing 400% Magic Damage to the target and 375% in an area of effect around them.

Hub Merchant Improvements

  • Items on Merchants that restock now show if they restock and display how frequently they restock.
  • The displayed currency in merchants will now change to the currency for the currently selected or hovered-over item in the store. Additionally, clicking on the currency will allow the player to see all relevant currencies for that merchant.
  • The currency displays in merchants can now handle 10 digits (up from 6) and use commas. Commas have additionally been added to the currency displays in the currency tab.
  • Additional merchants have been scattered around the hub to make it easier for players to find some things that may be otherwise difficult in the store. These items are all still available in their normal places in the store as well.
    • Tailor Trunk – This fashionable friend, found near the barbershop, will offer up costumes for sale, and always knows to show the player the costumes appropriate for their class first. Other class costumes can be accessed using the left and right arrow buttons.
    • The Collector – This stylish seller, found near the featured item workbench, will offer the mounts, allies, boats, and wings otherwise found on the Style tab.
    • Lazurelemuri – This Pebble provisioner, found in both the Geodian Guild Hall and Crafters Corner, has all the Geodian goods on offer.
    • Chaotic Carl – This merchant of mayhem, found by the chaos crafting area north of the starting point, carries Chaos Chests and related goods.
    • T.N. Tinder – This explosive entrepreneur, found at the entrance to the Battle Station, carries the Bomber Boxes and Bomber Royale Coin Boosts.
    • Draconic Browser – This draconic dealer carries Dragon Coins, Dragon Caches, and Dragon Eggs.
    • Party Gina – this prestigious purveyor supplies Primal Paragon Packs, Pinatas, and Cubes.

Additional Updates

  • Chocolate fish have been evicted from plasma fishing – the Tuesday Fishing Bonus should now properly give extra plasma fish in plasma.
  • Players now have the option to compost all! Goodbye all those fish trophies! (Players will still be able to choose specific quantities to compost as well.)
  • The Depths decorations, Nautical Assembler, and Pond of Power recipes are now unlocked by the Lure Bubble of the Pond of Power to alleviate players accidentally getting stuck while learning about fishing.
  • The Common Orders from Freshwater Fran now require 50 to complete.
  • The Uncommon Orders from Freshwater Fran now require 15 to complete.
  • Freshwater Fran’s Orders now last 3 days instead of 18 hours.
  • Fat Catfish now deconstructs for 2 Select Canned Fish in addition to glim.
  • Reduced the Glim and Flux from Fat Catfish and Saltwater Swordfish from 3 to 1.
  • Fixed an issue where the Star Chart was allowing extra jumps in coin challenges.
  • The Minor Star of Luck and DYI In the Constellation of Gathering now grants Magic Find correctly.
  • The Major Star of Rage and all upgrades to it now grant an outgoing damage increase.
  • The Minor Star of Knowledge and Crit now grants Critical Hit.
  • Club presidents can now remove their own ability to destroy the club world with bombs.
  • The /respawn command can no longer be used in delves. Instead, players can now use /delvestart to return to the start of a delve before the boss has been spawned and /delveboss to teleport to the boss once it has been spawned.
  • Removed the step in the tutorial that asks the player to use a bomb.
  • Players who participate in too many AFK Bomber Royale matches will be automatically blocked from playing Bomber Royale for a while.
  • Some tooltips for objects in the hub now state their keybinding as the method to open rather than the interact button. Using the interact button will still work.
  • Multiple collectables and NPCs have had some very minor blueprint fixes.
  • Renamed some dragon eggs to be more consistent with their naming patterns.
  • Fixed various typos in the Star Chart, canned fish, and Sundered Uplands.
  • Six new BONEWALKER Dinosaur Mounts have been added to the game and can be found under the Rare category in Collections. These mounts sometimes create un-lootable decorative bones near where they leap & stomp!
    • Two can be looted from any creature within the Primordial Pit Delve biome
    • One can be looted from the Tyrannosaurus Rex within the Jurassic Jungle biome in Adventure World
    • One can be looted from Skeletal Vikings which appear in Cursed Vale biomes in Adventure Worlds
    • One can be looted from the Ashen Devourers found in the Ashen Wastes — the lower portion of the Sundered Uplands
    • Once these 5 mounts have been unlocked, a 6th can be obtained from the Fungi Thingshapers in the Ashen Wastes (lower) section of the Sundered Uplands.
  • Six new VIKING themed pets have been added to rare-spawn merchants!
    • Defeat 1 and 3 star dungeons in the following biomes for a chance to see these new merchants: Treasure Isles, Permafrost, Candoria, and Jurassic Jungle.
    • These merchants spawn very rarely upon completing dungeons in specific biomes. Each player may only purchase the pets from these merchants once per week, and they can be traded or placed on the Marketplace.
  • We have changed the way our chat reporting and spam features work. Please continue to report spammers as you see them.
  • Adjusted several trophy names to fix typos.
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: gamigo

Trove – Ver. ??? (Reeling in the Stars + Boomeranger Revamped Update)

  • Release date: TBA
  • Patch notes:
Reeling in the Stars
Star Chart
  • Trovians have discovered the power of the stars, learning how to use the stars to empower themselves. There are 3 primary constellations which each have a special focus:
    • Constellation of Gathering – obtain the power of increased gains in harvesting and experience.
    • Constellation of Cubesly– obtain the power of improved flasks along with personal improvements in dungeons and delves.
    • Constellation of Combat – obtain more Physical and Magical damage along with improvements to critical hit chance and damage.
  • Each of the primary constellations may give bonuses associated with the other constellations, but will primarily focus on their specific area.
  • Astral Echoes, a new currency, can be found throughout the world, coming from completing dungeons and delves. Additionally, the Astral Echoes Almanac, a legendary tome, can be acquired from the More tab of the store.
  • The Crafter’s Corner in the Hub has been updated with the upper level being occupied by the Celestial and the Grand Orrery. The Grand Orrery can also be crafted at the Builder’s Crafting Workbench.
  • Starbert can be found on the roof above the Celestial and is looking to trade Trovians some of their Despoiled Divinity in exchange for Astral Echoes.
  • Interacting with the Grand Orrery opens the Star Chart, showing the constellations Trovians can empower using Celestial Spheres and Constellation Keys.
  • Celestial Spheres are used to upgrade individual stars, activating the star’s powers and allowing further progress through the constellation.
  • Constellation Keys are used to unlocking paths of the constellations as a one-time cost and may also be used to reset the entire tree (resetting and giving back all Celestial Spheres). Path unlocks are permanent and cannot be reset.
  • The Celestial is seeking the newly discovered Astral Echoes for his own reasons. He’ll exchange these Astral Echoes for Celestial Spheres and a small amount of Constellation Keys. Additional Constellation keys can be found in the More tab of the store for credits or cubits.
  • The Celestial only has a limited supply of Celestial Spheres – while the Star Chart has 120 stars that have been found, there are only enough available Celestial Spheres to empower 40 of them.
  • Urmhalit, the Unforgiven has finally been found hiding amongst the stars! Each path unlock gives a Balefire Dragon Egg Fragment – unlock the entire Star Chart to gain all the Balefire Dragon Egg Fragments needed to craft Urmhalit at the Dragon Crucible.
Fishing Recast
  • Fishing has been recast, creating a more dynamic and active experience for players.
  • The time required to catch a fish has been drastically reduced.
  • The Crafter’s Corner in the Hub has been updated with an underground grotto being occupied by Murkwater Mark, the Pond of Power, and a grill for all these tasty new catches.
  • A new introduction for Fishing has been added to explain the new system. This can be started at Saltwater Sam in the Fishing Grotto. Murkwater Mark and the Pond of Power will be hidden until prerequisite steps of this thread are completed.
  • Accessing the Pond of Power bench opens the Depths of the Angler. Progressing through the Depths of the Angler grants some affects for boats, reveals some daily adventures, and unlocks bait recipes and effects.
  • New Fishing Lures have been added. These lures have various effects. Players can fish without a lure active, but will only catch old boots.
    • Lures are now buffs that are applied to the player. They have a number of charges equal to the number of times they can be used – one charge is used per fish caught. Lures last for up to 2 hours if not used.
    • Lures can have various effects – Quick Lures catch fish faster, Seeker Lures increase the catch rate of rarer fish, and Depth Lures increase the catch rate of trophy fish.
  • New food recipes for fish can be found at the Angler’s Grill after they are acquired from the Depths of the Angler.
  • Fish now deconstruct into Canned Fish and sometimes additional materials rather than glim. Trophy fish now deconstruct for glim.
    • Fish caught before this update have now become fermented – these fish will continue to deconstruct into their previous value. Look for the grey “Fermented Fish” text in both the item tooltip and the loot collector to identify these fish.
  • The size of fish have also been adjusted as the power from the Depths has been released in to Trove.
  • The Gathering Day bonus for fishing has been adjusted – players now receive a 20% chance to catch a bonus fish, with Patrons receiving a 40% chance to catch a bonus fish.
  • Fish have now learnt to move away from heavily fished areas and avoid club worlds entirely – as a player fishes in an area, they may reach a point where only boots can be found in the water. Moving to another area will find more fish again, and this effect will wear off over time.
  • The Popular Poptopus has also abandoned club worlds, and can now be found in a different area of Trove.
  • Fish can now appear in pools. Pools can be found in standing liquids (water, chocolate, lava, and plasma) only, not flowing liquids. Players can still fish generally in both standing and flowing liquids.
  • Several Allies can be rarely found while fishing in pools.
  • Very rarely, players who have the Mastery bubble for a specific liquid may fish up a tradable Electroytic Enthusiast Weekly, a legendary tome granting Freerange Electrolytic Crystals.
  • Being hit by enemies will now automatically cancel fishing. Additionally, fishing now requires the player stand still while casting their line, but players can still emote while fishing.
  • New fishing adventures can be acquired after they’re unlocked in Depths of the Angler. These new adventures can be acquired daily from Saltwater Sam in the Fishing Grotto, and can be consumed to begin the adventures.
  • Two new Legendary Dragons – Aquarus, the Aquarius Lord and Capricorn, Risen from the Depths have been added. Fragments for Aquarus can be found by fishing in pools. Fragments for Capricorn can be obtained from the Star Chart, Depths of the Angler, The Celestial, and Murkwater Mark. Both dragons can also be acquired from dragon effigies or from Golden Eggs found in Greater Dragon Caches.
  • The Master Angler’s Fishing Net has been added to the More tab of the store. Fishing Nets allow for catching multiple fish with a single use and may be used in any fishable liquid.
  • Many new fish can be found in the pools all over Trove. Pools can harbor the various coral, slugs, frogs, anglerfish, squids, and elementals that have collected all over Trove. Sharks have been known to frequent these gatherings.
    • New Depths fish that can only be caught using a special fishing pole that Murkwater Mark sells in the Hub.
    • A new invasive species of Turtles from the Depths can be hunted in Trove with the special Turtle Trawler fishing pole sold by Mr. Thommas Turtle, who can be found in the Hub once he’s been activated in the Pond of Power.
    • Finally, the fish of Trove have become steeped in the power released from the Depths. Fish all over Trove have increased in size and offer a new challenge to veteran anglers.
  • Several new boats, sails, and an ally have been added to the Nautical Assembler.
  • Several new fishing poles can be found while fishing in Sundered Uplands.
  • The models for some existing fish trophies have been updated to resemble the fish more closely.
  • Recipes for the Nautical Assembler, Pond of Power, and Angler’s Grill have been added.
  • Decoration recipes have been added to the Nautical Assembler.
Additional Updates
  • Fixed a very common client crash that could occur while rendering vfx.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Big Bombs to explode in square shapes rather than a more normal blast radius. This change also optimized some interactions with collision.
  • Updated the mouse and hotbar interaction that can move items out of the hotbar in some situations.
  • The amount of lures given by the Fishing Lure Factuary (now 7) and the Fishing Lure Reed (now 3) have been adjusted due to the changes to lures.
  • The Key: Sunder-Ark Cache recipe on the Sundered Uplands workbench no longer requires glim.
  • The Depth Stepper recipes on the Delve workbench no longer require glim.
  • The Obsidian scroll recipes on the Sundered Uplands workbench no longer require glim.
  • A new merchant has been added – found in the corridor outside of Luxion/Corruxion’s lair, Mr. Charles Pinkzo has arrived to sell his entirely legitimate stock of Hart-a-Phones. These grant a pink name color to the recipient for 12 hours and will not broadcast to chat. Additionally, leaderboards have been added for Hart-a-Phones Sent and Received.
  • Made a small update to how the lasers for tiger mounts function.
  • The way gravity works while inside flowing water has been updated to be more consistent.
  • Removed a previous “fix” made to a bug found with delve XP to make it more consistent with player expectations.
Boomeranged Revamped
Boomeranger Updates
  • Passive – Final Fairy – Boomeranger can equip either a bow or melee weapons. Basic attacks and abilities change based on what weapon the Boomeranger has equipped. With the Bow equipped basic attacks will shoot Fire Arrows, Ice Arrows, and Bomb Arrows in that order. Fire Arrows deal damage over time, Ice slow enemies, and bomb arrows deal damage in an area. With Melee  equipped, every 3rd attack summons a cyclone at your location dealing damage over time for a short time. Additionally, a fairy companion will heal and grant 100% damage reduction for a short time when the Boomeranger is at low health.
  • Basic Attack (Bow) – The Boomeranger fires arrows at the target dealing 200% physical damage each attack. Arrows now have a related element and fire in a sequence. First Fire Arrows that apply a damage over time effect, then Ice Arrows that apply a slowing effect, and finally Bomb arrows that fire 3 at a time, deal damage in an area, and reduce all ability cooldowns.
  • Basic Attack (Melee) – The Boomeranger melee attacks deal 200% physical damage each swing. Every 3rd attack the Boomeranger will perform a spin attack that summons a cyclone dealing 250% physical damage every 0.5 seconds for 1.5 seconds and granting a damage reduction buff.
  • Primary Ability – Big Bomb (Bow) – Throws a timed bomb that deals 850% physical damage and causes knockback to enemies damaged by it.
  • Primary Ability – Big Bomb (Melee) – Throws out small, timed bombs that explode, dealing 350% physical damage to targets. This ability has a stock of 5.
  • Secondary Ability – Boomerangs!!!! (Bow) – Throw three boomerangs that deal 650% physical damage and return after hitting an enemy or wall. Every 3rd basic attack recharges this ability. If caught the player will gain increased attack speed and damage for a short time. Boomerangs have a chance to stun. This ability has a stock of 4.
  • Secondary Ability – Boomerang of the Wind (Melee) – Throws a large boomerang that deals 1,000% physical damage to enemies it passes through and reduces all ability cooldowns. If caught the player will gain increased movement speed and damage for a short time. The Boomerang has a chance to stun.
  • Ultimate Ability – Mysterious Urn – Throws a mysterious urn for area damage and a random bonus.
  • The Class Gem affects the Secondary Abilities in the following ways:
    • Big Bawk Bomb (Bow) – Throws a timed bomb that deals 950% physical damage and causes knockback to enemies damaged by it. These spawn chickens that attack enemies for a brief duration.
    • Tiny Bawn Bombs (Melee) – Throws out small, timed bombs that explodes dealing 450% physical damage to targets. These spawn chickens that attack enemies for a brief duration. This ability has a stock of 5.
  • Fixed a bug where some costumes for the Boomeranger were not using the correct Bawk Bomb models.
  • Reduced the sound of Blast Bow Explosion.
New User Experience Updates
  • The tutorial has undergone adjustments to improve flow and reduce points of confusion.
  • Yellow arrows in the tutorial have been replaced with purple.
  • Players are no longer asked to construct and place a Loot Collector to complete the first Island of the Tutorial.
  • We now make it easier and more friendly to follow the starting quests by having markers on the compass, map, and new VFX in game.
  • Qubesly (and many of his relatives) have INCREASED IN SIZE to become more noticeable. Please politely allow them to bring this up first during conversation.  I, for one, welcome our new Hugesly overlords.
  • Reduced the amount of shine on the Trove logo in the middle of the Trove Hub.
  • The Trove Hub now has a new graphical map to display the different areas of the hub and their contents.  The normal map will display once outside of the Trove Hub area.
  • Updated the Delve queue description in the Golden Thread to reflect that it may take up to 5 minutes rather than 10.
  • Heavy Pressurized Chests in Delves at Depth 160 or greater will rarely contain a Solid Bronze Q-Mento. This item can be used to unlock 1 random Uncommon (Creature) memento that is not already unlocked.
  • 3 Solid Bronze Q-mentos along with some additional materials can be combined at the Delve Workbench to craft a Solid Silver Q-mento, which will unlock 1 random Uncommon or Rare (Boss) memento that is not already unlocked.
  • 3 Solid Silver Q-mentos along with some additional materials can be combined at the Delve Workbench to craft a Solid Gold Q-mento, which will unlock 1 random Uncommon, Rare, or Epic (Biome) memento that is not already unlocked.
  • All Q-mentos can be placed on the Marketplace or traded at Trading Posts.
  • The Pressure-locked Heirloom Case can now containMementos from Bunfest, Sunfest, Shadow’s Eve, and Turkeytopia.  Solid Bronze Q-mentos can also be very rarely found inside Pressure-locked Heirloom Cases.
Chaos Crafting Updates
  • The Chaos Core Crafter has now been split in to two different workbenches:
    • Chaos Crafter, which has all of the collections which are also found in Chaos Chests
    • Chaotic Combinator, which has all of the classes, costumes, and Light/Dark Vault recipes
  • Both workbenches can be found in the Hub or crafted from the Novice and Builder’s Crafting Benches.
  • Adjusted how workbenches load to reduce wait time when opening benches like the Chaos Crafter.
  • New costumes have been added to the Chaotic Combinator!
    • Added the Fiery Champion for the Knight by meekoz!
    • Added the Tricksy Bat for the Fae Trickster by _FutureHero_ and Swizz!
    • Added the Punkin’ Prankster for the Fae Trickster by SkyTheVirus!
    • Added the Mycellum Master for the Dracolyte by Jusiv!
    • Added the FrostByte for the Ice Sage by LippyLapras!
    • Added the Chubbster’s Captain for the Pirate Captain by Evilagician and Ylva!
    • Added the Buff Howlung Berserker for the Vanguardian by maleeBEAUTIFUL!
    • Added the Meowy Mecha for the Vanguardian by GadgetCAT!
    • Added the FL1GHT-3R for the Vanguardian by Acculluz!
    • Added the Albardian for the Bard by SkyTheVirus!
    • Added the Skeliachi for the Bard by MojoTaega!
    • Added the B4RD for the Bard by PROfessOriginal!
New Dungeons
  • New Geode Topside 1-Star dungeon by ABprice!
  • New Geode Topside 1-Star dungeon by Cyekie!
  • New Permafrost 1-Star dungeon by Cyekie!
  • New Dragonfire Peaks 1-Star dungeon by Foodfight2!
New Styles
  • Added Crocodile Smile Helmet by SkyTheVirus to Stash Exclusive.
  • Added Uncatchable Epic Helmet by Ranuribufo to Stash Exclusive.
  • Added Curious Chimp Helmet by PROfessOriginal to Stash Exclusive.
  • Added Headbutt Expert Helmet by _FutureHero_ to Stash Exclusive.
  • Added Sea Unicorn Helmet by Sergetoo to Stash Exclusive.
  • Added Slow Sheller Gun by siisawesome to Jurassic Jungle.
  • Added Drilling Punch Fist by siisawesome to Neon City.
  • Added Balanced Power Fist by galaxoman to Forbidden Spires.
  • Added Lollipop Hearts Bow by Wind_Caller to Candy.
  • Added Lavish Lance Spear by KingDrav to Highlands.
  • Added Incarnation Of Moonlight Staff by dre4ml1ght to Shadow.
  • Added T(rove)-Rex Staff by Nezz to Shadow.
  • Added Feathered Duckness Staff by 0sita to Fae.
  • Added Hope’s End Melee by Nezz to Undead.
  • Added Emberdrake’s Rage Melee by RepoioZhukulemtho to Dragon.
  • Added Orange Axe Melee by psmahmoud60 to Candy.
  • Added Sky Breaker Melee by Kuula to Radiant.
  • Added Emanation Melee by Nezz to Forbidden Spires.
New Decorations
  • Added Dusky Lantern by _FutureHero_ to the Haunted Workbench.
  • Added Tiny Fungolith by Cyekie to the Geodian Workbench.
  • Added Garden Lantern by _FutureHero_ to the Faerie Workbench.
  • Added Garden Moon by _FutureHero_ to the Faerie Workbench.
  • Added Garden Turtle by _FutureHero_ to the Faerie Workbench.
Additional Updates
  • Daily login quests during events now correctly give experience as they say they will.
  • The maximum flux listing price on the Marketplace is now 50,000,000 flux.
  • Fixed an issue with the Fae Trickster Hidden Effect Mobilize.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Hidden Effects on rings from functioning in the Shadow Tower.
  • The Chloromancer ability Green Gatling now does less damage to blocks.
  • The Berserker Emblem now displays VFX when flasks are consumed.
  • NPCs which spawn Ice Comets now only change the terrain temporarily.
  • The wings for Mastery 850 and 900 have been updated.
  • Additional shields for Power Rank sigils have been added.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause crashes while playing Solarion.
  • Fixed an issue where trying to craft rings in higher rank uber worlds as a lower power rank character would prevent the craft from succeeding
  • Challenges asking players to complete dungeons in specific biomes will now correctly advance in Uber 10 and 11 worlds, giving a 6x bonus multiplier.
  • Delve Shadowkey Fragments can now drop from Uber-11 Geode Topside dungeons.
  • The small chests in the Sundered Uplands 5-Star dungeons can now also very rarely drop crystal gear.
  • The Rampage Challenge alert now displays correct requirements when inside Delves or Geode Caves.
  • Vines can now be seen (and rarely looted from NPCs) within the following Delve Biomes:
    • Subnautic Passage
    • Toxic tunnels
    • Outrageous Trovian Delve
    • Extreme Trovian Delve
    •  Corners of Q’bthulhu’s Realm
  • Three variants exist for each of these vine types:
    • Pink Bulbcolony
    • Blue Bulbcolony
    • Cave Strangler
    • Poison Applevine
    • Pink Cave Creeper (wall)
    • Blue Cave Creeper (wall)
  • Placeable signs now use a wall-mounted version of themselves when placed on walls.
  • Club channel numbers should now display in numerical order when loading in to a world.
  • Each biome’s workbench now appears on the Outpost, next to the quest giver.  Additionally, all Medieval Highlands Outposts now have a quest giver as well.
  • Allies are now auto-looted when harvested from habitats.
  • Newly obtained mementos no longer default to being locked in the Loot Collector.  Should any old mementos exist in inventory, they will still need to be manually unlocked.
  • Updated the VFX for the Framework Fabricator’s net.
  • Updated some VFX for Raymon the Ever-Puffed.
  • “Search for this item on workbench” buttons have been added to many recipes on many workbenches across the game!
  • Fixed an issue with the Shinkira, the Cinderwing unlocker causing it to unlock the Ashen Wanderer instead.
  • Fauna from the Jurassic Jungle somehow made it into the Everdark. The Shadow has utilized their Fauna-B-Gone and rid their realm of the invasive plant life.
  • Block previews for training dummies will now show an accurate preview of the dummy.
  • Fixed an issue where spectators in Bomber Royale could cause team trail VFX to persist.
  • The description for Worn Sails no longer directs the player to find Saltwater Sam.  He’s tired of telling everyone he doesn’t have them.
  • The Cosmic Cranium icon in collections is no longer pretending to be the Starry Daze icon.

Trove – Ver. ??? (Sunrise Update)

  • Release date: Summer 2022 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:

No patch notes available. This update brings the following:

  • adds new Solarion class
    • The new Solarion class works as a servant of the Sun Goddess to smite enemies through a combination of their bow for long-range attacks and a pet phoenix that rushes in with fast and fierce melee attacks. This fired-up class uses their Phoenix Radiance passive ability to increase their attack rate and gain energy to summon a pet phoenix to aid in battle. When the phoenix is slain, a self-healing egg will spawn and explode once its max health is reached. And from the egg’s ashes, the Solarion’s phoenix will rise again to aid their master once more! Additional abilities for the Solarion include Solar Flare – a charged explosive shot that damages enemies over time – and Guiding Light – summoned pillars that damage enemies and heals friendly targets within their area. Their Ultimate Prismatic Blast deals damage to enemies surrounding the Solarion while stacking damage buffs up to 5 times. Once their energy is depleted, their Ultimate will stop.
  • adds new Sundered Uplands biome
    • Now that we’re well acquainted with the Solarion, it’s time to introduce players to Trove’s newest biome, Sundered Uplands. Trovians that reach Uber-1 Adventure Worlds can explore this biome’s unique upper and lower levels, but it’ll primarily be found in Uber-7 Adventure Worlds and will certainly give them more of a challenge than neighboring biomes. Be mindful that both levels aren’t created equal as the Irradiant Sky Giants build and expand land stolen from down below. This tips the balance of power in their favor, resulting in a biome filled with many challenges:
      • Don’t Look Down: The Cloud Layer is filled with rich resources the Irradiant Sky Giants have stolen from below, which Trovians will want to mine. The Ashen Wastes, on the other hand, are not as pleasant seeing how the fallout of the group’s reckless deeds festers and grows in strength down there.
      • Clipped Wings: Don’t expect to fly around as you please as the Sundered Uplands is covered in a Flight Suppression Field to deliver a permanent NO FLY ZONE. Although, there’s a rumor that Fungi Scrollpeddler may have something to help free Trovians from this debuff. You did not hear that from us, though!
      • Dangerous Dungeons: Dungeons will appear in both the top and bottom layers of Sundered Uplands. Special 5-star dungeons will spawn to offer more of a challenge as Trovians face off against one of the new Ultimate Bosses in addition to other new enemies.
    • With so many dangers ahead, Trovians will not be fighting with their backs against the wall as they can head to Fungal Outposts to gain access to Personal Chests, Flask Refillers, Loot Collectors, Fungi Adventures, and a variety of merchants. The new Crystal Gems can also be used to improve a Trovians’ gear to help them fight off the numerous monsters lurking in the Sundered Uplands.
  • adds Ultimate Bosses in new 5 Star Dungeons
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: gamigo PR

Trove – Ver. ??? (Polished Paragon / Snowfest Update)

  • Release date: December 15th 2021 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:

No patch notes available. This update brings the following:

  • Polished Paragon system: starting today, all experience points (XP) earned on Level 30 classes will go towards receiving Paragon levels for that class. While the effort to fill the XP bar for those Paragon levels may be a bit higher than before, the rewards will be worth it. Trovians will earn Loops (Trovian or Primal) that can be used for crafting Signatory Rings. Yes – those are Crystal Level rings! Just like any other Crystal gear, these range from Crystal level 1 to Crystal level 4, but unlike anything else, they can be customized to each class.
  • Primal Paragon Piñata: Players’ efforts may also spawn a Primal Paragon Piñata near them and in their inventory. These piñatas contain anything from ore, flux, Trovian loops up to Paragon’s Marks used to craft all-new items at the Paragon Workbench in the Paragon’s Palace in the Hub.
  • New store items: New store items will assist players in reaching the pinnacle of Paragon levels: Primal Paragon Cubes and Primal Paragon Piñatas will give a boost toward attaining all those exclusive collectables and badges.
  • Paragon Workbench: Trovians can craft five new allies, four new mounts, a new ship and sail, a new banner style, two new wings or a decoration box at the Paragon Workbench and make the colorful, eye-catching, and status-creating power of Paragon their own.
  •  Snowfest: Trove’s Snowfest completely transforms its Hub into a Winter Wonderland filled with snow, wrapped presents, and plenty of holiday-themed decorations sprinkled throughout. Once Trovians are done walking in our winter wonderland, they can partake in a number of new wintery questlines and collections to receive some COOL rewards. These gifts include the Gardener and Tundra Champion skins, new allies like Lil’ Chillio II, Prancing Present, Rudy, and Mopes, the Ice Cart magrider, the Trovian Express mount, and the Gift Giver’s banner.
  • Bomber Royale Winter Edition Mode. This fast-paced and quick snowball fight is sure to put players in the holiday spirit as they dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge incoming attacks while retaliating with their own flings of frosty fury. Just remember the golden rule of snowball fights – NO ICEBALLS! 
  • Donation Station. Considering this time of year is known to be the season of giving, Trovians can head to the Donation Station to offer resources for the greater good. Huge-hearted players will also be able to earn some amazing goodies in the process in addition to the warm feeling of doing good for others.
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: gamigo PR

Trove – Ver. ???

  • Release date: October 26th 2021 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:

This update brings the following:

  • new class: Bard. The Bard class (available exclusively through crafting on the Chaos Crafter or via one of the new Bard Packs. 
  • new crafting tier to Crystallogy,called the Bardmancologist. This section makes it possible to craft allies, mounts, wings, and dazzling costumes for the Bard class.
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: gamigo PR

How to download updates for Trove for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Trove, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.


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