Tower Princess to the rescue of the Nintendo Switch on September 8th

HypeTrain Digital and AweKteaM are flying to the rescue of Nintendo Switch players who are lagging behind on their monthly quota of princesses to save. Introducing Tower Princess, a 3D roguelite platformer featuring a cheerful and comical storybook style. It will be released on September 8th in Europe and North America.

Here’s a trailer:

In this game, you get to play as a brave knight who has to go deep into the heart of a mysterious castle in order to rescue both princesses and princes in distress. Some are humans, while others… not so much! And why would you risk your life in procedurally generated dungeons, you ask? To secure yourself a date, of course!

Here’s some additional details, the list of key features, and some screenshots for the game:

With a cheerful and comical storybook style, Tower Princess is a 3D roguelite platformer thattakes players deep into the heart of a mysterious castle to of course rescue the princesses and princes in distress. Play as a proud knight on a quest to scour perilous dungeons and defeat a fearsome dragon, while also trying to score a date.

In the Far Far Away Land of Tower Princess, knights have been called to save princes and princesses (some human, some…not so much) from a fire-breathing dragon. Many have tried, many have failed, but now it’s up to a new knight to brave the castle’s unfriendly halls. Avoid meeting an untimely death by outsmarting obstacles like spiky walls, windblown platforms, and unfortunately placed buzzsaws, just to name a few.

Take down eccentric enemies to get to the princess, who’s magic can help defeat bosses like the unseemly Pigomancer. One death too many and the journey is over for good! Procedurally generated dungeons add an extra layer of replayability so players can discover new items every time. ​

With a fresh blend of old-school platforming and colorful 3D animation, Tower Princess gives an all new meaning to “knight in shining armor”. As if one princess wasn’t enough, players must save as many princesses and princes as they can before dying a grisly death. Then, get right back up and start again! In each run, players can collect upgrades to improve armor, swords, muskets, and maps. Upgrade based on skill level or buy using tokens, increasing healing items, damage output, and more. Find a special something in the dungeon? Gift it to the princess to upgrade her powers! New abilities can also be unlocked like dash attack and explosive shot. 

Exploring the castle thoroughly is a must, as there are many dungeons filled with valuable loot and hidden items (just watch out for that creepy slime). There may also be some illusory walls if you look close enough…and if help is needed, a certain princess might be able to guide the way. Win the favor of the heirs and rewards will follow!

  • Rescue princes and princesses from a fearsome dragon in this 3D roguelite platformer with a cheerful atmosphere and fast-paced action
  • Upgrade gear, maps, and more by earning tokens and increasing your skill level. The more princes and princesses rescued, the more tokens up for grabs! 
  • Choose from different weapons like swords and rifles, which can be upgraded to become more deadly and fit different playstyles 
  • Journey through a mysterious castle filled with procedurally generated rooms and traps. Every run is a new experience! 
  • Roguelite elements bring delightful challenges to the game’s pleasant fairytale atmosphere.

Tower Princess (Switch – eShop) comes out on September 8th in Europe and North America.

Source: HypeTrain Digital PR


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